Why And When The Best Time To Change The Cabin Air Filter?

The use of the cabin air filter element in a car is needed to clean the fuel mixture, the oil supplied to the combustion chamber. But filters are needed not only to ensure the normal operation of the technical parts of the car. One of the filters functions for comfort and improvement of vehicle operating conditions.

How To Change Cabin Air Filter

It is a car air purifier that cleans the air before it is put into the car. These devices are often forgotten to be replaced or are deliberately neglected to replace them in every service. Indeed, the technical part of the car will not suffer from premature replacement of such a device. But most likely the driver and passenger were injured. The cabin air filter should be changed at least once a year.

This tool is often in the glove box area. But in most cars, getting to the installation site is problematic. Unfortunately, it is impossible to come up with universal instructions showing how you can replace the cabin air filter. These instructions will be different for each car model. In some cars the replacement procedure is very complicated so it is better to contact a service center. Today on our website we will discuss about how to install and select a cabin air filter.

What is a Cabin Air Filter?

These devices close the only openings through which air enters the interior of the vehicle during movement. If the cabin air filter is not installed, as many motorists do, this space will remain empty. Most likely, you will not like such a trip, because all the smells from the road will immediately appear in the cabin, and a large amount of dust will begin to accumulate on the surface. Without a filter, the air supply and distribution system in the cab would deteriorate very quickly.

The main tasks of the cabin air filter are:

  • Provides air purification in the cabin, removes dust and other large contaminants that can enter the car interior.
  • Partially eliminates the consequences of entering an area with an unpleasant odor, such as increased gas content.
  • Removes excess moisture from the air entering the passenger space, which can reduce the effect of fogging windows.
  • Prepares and cleans the air before dispensing it into the car, eliminating odors and other unpleasant effects.
  • Serves as a kind of protection against bacteria and other microorganisms that may enter the cabin.

Of course, not all cabin air filter elements can perform this task very well. In particular, the cheapest filters made of perforated plain paper do not even remove dust from the air stream. A more expensive but still budget product from a large company can protect you from the main types of contamination, but not all.

High-quality, expensive carbon filters can even remove stubborn dirt and odors. The more expensive the material, the better the device will cope with the task at hand. But selection must of course be based not only on the price segment.

When Should I Change the Cabin Air Filter?

The cabin air filter should be replaced every time you carry out routine maintenance. Usually, manufacturers recommend replacing in an interval of between 10 and 15 thousand kilometers, but at least once a year. Some customers believe that a Knecht or MANN carbon filter can last up to 30,000 km. This was true, but their work efficiency was greatly reduced after 8,000 kilometers. If you care about your health, it’s a good idea to change early. Moreover, this is far from the most expensive element in a car.

It is necessary to shorten the replacement interval in the following conditions:

  • Machines often run for a long time, so moisture can enter where the filter is installed.
  • Over time, during the operation of the car, you begin to notice that a stuffy, damp smell is always in the cabin.
  • Car operations are often in dusty areas where the dust in the air is above average.
  • You’re buying an inexpensive filter that needs to be replaced more frequently than a product from the recognized leaders in this class.
  • Antibacterial cleaning of the air supply or air conditioning system in the car has been carried out, the filter must be replaced.

The filtering part is made of special paper, which is clogged with various solid particles and stops performing its function. This leads to the fact that you don’t get the safest environment in the cabin. Cheap or clogged items are best replaced for driving and breathing clean air in the car. In a wet cabin air filter pathogenic microflora rapidly begin to develop, which over time will infect the entire air distribution system in the car.

How To Choose The Right Cabin Air Filter?

The list of factors to consider when choosing a good cabin air filter element includes a number of recommendations. Each specialist lists his own factor, adding to this list. But there are certain criteria, by observing, you can find the right element as simply as possible.

Determine the Cabin Filter Selection in the following features:

  1. Budget. How much are you willing to pay for safe car travel in terms of your health? It’s better not to save on this product, but you also don’t have to buy the most expensive filter for your car cabin.
  2. Genuine or Fake? There is no need to buy original filter elements. They are not always much better than fakes, but at the same time they cost a lot more.
  3. Brand. Select filter components from well-known manufacturers. Filters MANN, Bosch, Knecht, Mahle and other manufacturers have proven themselves well. The product meets all requirements and is perfect for your car.
  4. Material. We recommend using a carbon filter, which actually protects your car from problems from the side of airflow to the cabin.

Please note that the cheapest cabin air filter types don’t always come with high-quality frames. This means that during installation, there will be a gap between the frame and the body where all odors and dust get into the interior.

Therefore, make sure to choose high quality filter elements so as not to regret your purchase. From inexpensive solutions, it is very difficult to choose absolutely optimal options with the maximum quality of protection against unpleasant factors.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement Procedure

This procedure will be different for each vehicle. First you need to buy a suitable filter, clarifying the compatibility of the device with the car model. After that, you need to find a comfortable place to do the work with good lighting. Then use the forum or manual for your car and find out exactly where the filter was installed. Very often, forums provide valuable advice on how to properly carry out the replacement procedure so as not to waste a lot of time and effort. Instruction manuals often do not contain the simplest recommendations.

So, the replacement procedure is as follows:

  1. First, take the new filter out of the box and see how it should be installed. Usually from the shape and various kinds of fasteners on the frame.
  2. Then follow the instructions seen earlier and go to the place to install the air filter. Often this requires removing part of the plastic casing or other interior element (and often the engine room).
  3. Do not rush to remove the old filter, carefully consider how to install it. This will help you avoid the hassle of trying to install a new cleaner in the right place.
  4. Then remove the old filter carefully, wear gloves, because the device can be dirty, wet, dusty and even filled with various bacteria.
  5. Sometimes it is difficult to remove old filters, you need to know the direction. To do this, be sure to study the information on various specialized forums.
  6. Then enter the new filter to the desired position. Usually the device just needs to be inserted and pressed to keep it in place without a problem.
  7. Gather all the elements that were previously disassembled, clean the place that could be contaminated with the old filter kit.

Please note that careless disassembly and mistakes during the installation of a new filter can cause serious problems as well. Most often it is difficult to change the entire complex of installation space for interior cleaning, since it is hidden far enough away, this will require serious disassembly of the interior or engine room.

If you do not have the right tools or have absolutely no experience in handling cars, you should entrust the service to specialists. On the service side, such services will not be expensive.


The use of a quality cabin air filter in the interior of the vehicle is very important. This makes it possible to improve the overall operating conditions of the car and prevent the entry of a large amount of dust into the interior.

It is better to use a high-quality air filter product so as not to breathe in dust and avoid bad odors into the cabin that suddenly can overtake you on the road. If you use only high-quality accessories, it will be easier for you to maintain comfortable conditions for traveling by car at any distance.

The cabin air filter needs to be changed regularly. If the replacement does not follow the rules, it is very likely that dust and polluted air will enter the cabin. In addition, such possibilities exist if you buy a product that is too cheap and of poor quality. When replacing, it is important to be careful with the filter itself, not to tear the filter paper.

In some cars, changing the cabin air purifier is easy. On other models, the procedure is somewhat unpleasant and long. If you have never found such a job, entrust the procedure to professionals. If you have experience, you can do it yourself in 15-30 minutes.

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