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The TVR brand was founded in 1947 by Trevor Wilkinson. It starts with Wilkinson building its own lightweight body for an Alvis Firebird. Trevcar Motors is founded, with the intention of repairing and selling cars with this company. However, things turn out differently. The build is going too well and together with Jack Pickard a small series production of a body kit is set up in combination with Austin parts. The company name is soon changed to TVR Engineering.

At the end of the 1950s, the business partners are ready for the first complete car that can be delivered: the TVR Grantura. The technology still came from several mainly British car brands, but the body design, composition and production were entirely carried out by TVR. The brand philosophy from the outset has been – and still is – that a car should be as light as possible in order to get the most out of the available horsepower.

A combination of circumstances, including the departure of founder Wilkinson, brought the brand to an end in 1965. The Trident prototype was further developed into a production model with new owners and TVR itself found a new owner later that year. Many different owners would follow, while production of the different models continues. However, it came to a standstill in 2006, as a result of various organizational problems under a new owner.

The brand will continue to exist and will change hands again in 2010. That year, current owners Edgar & Chasey take the helm, with the official company name changing to TVR Automotive Ltd. In 2015, a new production model is finally promised, the development of which has been going on for a year. That production car will take until the end of 2018, but then the Griffith as the car is called is finally ready. Nevertheless, we still have to be patient: the car will only actually be at the dealers in the course of 2020.

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