Toyota S20A-FTS Engine Specs, Problems And Reliability

Toyota S20A-FTS Engine Specs, Problems And Reliability

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By Scott Matthew

Since 2022, Toyota has introduced the powerful 2.0-liter turbo engine, known as the S20A-FTS or 2.0 D-4ST. This cutting-edge engine is now a key component in the Chinese version of the Highlander crossover, including the Crown Kluger modification. A slightly scaled-down variant of the renowned T24A-FTS turbo engine, the S20A-FTS is designed to deliver optimal performance.


The S20A-FTS engine has found its place in the Toyota Highlander 4 (XU70) since 2022, showcasing its versatility and advanced engineering in the automotive world.

Engine Specs

AttributeToyota Highlander 2023
Production yearsSince 2022
Displacement, cc1997
Fuel systemCombined Injection D-4ST
Power output, hp247
Torque output, Nm380
Cylinder blockAluminum R4
Block headAluminum 16v
Cylinder bore, mm85
Piston stroke, mm88
Compression ratio11.0
Hydraulic liftersYes
Timing driveChain
Phase regulatorDual VVT-i
Recommended engine oil0W-20
Engine oil capacity, liter5.3
Fuel typePetrol
Euro standardsEURO 6
Fuel consumption, L/100 kmCity: 10.3
Highway: 6.5
Combined: 8.7
Engine lifespan, km~250,000
Weight, kg155

Most Common S20A-FTS Engine Problems

While feedback on specialized forums remains relatively positive, there are a few problems worth noting:

  1. Electrical Glitches: Users have reported occasional electrical glitches; however, these issues seem to be minor and haven’t raised significant concerns among the community.
  2. Vibrations: Some users have experienced sudden vibrations, which tend to disappear after a simple restart. While this seems to be a sporadic issue, it’s essential to be aware of this characteristic.
  3. Fuel Quality Dependency: Like many units with combined injection, the S20A-FTS engine is particular about fuel quality. It is advisable to use high-quality fuel to ensure optimal performance.
  4. Cooling System Maintenance: Owners should pay close attention to the cooling system. The aluminum construction of the engine makes it susceptible to overheating, emphasizing the need for regular monitoring and maintenance.


The Toyota S20A-FTS 2.0 Turbo Engine stands out as a technologically advanced powerhouse, contributing to the enhanced performance of the Highlander crossover. While minor concerns exist, such as occasional electrical glitches and vibrations, proactive maintenance and attention to fuel quality can ensure a smooth driving experience. As Toyota continues to innovate, the S20A-FTS engine represents a notable advancement in automotive engineering.

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