Toyota PSA 1.0 VTi 12v PureTech 1KR Engine Common Problems

1.0 VTi 12v PureTech 1KR – although this marking is known from models such as C1 or 107, it is hidden under Japanese construction. But is it good for the driver?

1.0 VTi PureTech: PSA did Toyota build it?

In 2005, the triplets from Kolin saw the world. We are talking about the Citroen C1, Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo.

Division of works? The French from PSA focused on the concept of the body. The Japanese provided engine.

The 1.0 12v petrol from the well-known 1KR series was placed under the hood of the car. The engine offered 68 horsepower and was produced in this configuration until 2014.

1.0 VTi 68Hp – technological description

The 1.0 VTi engine has one liter displacement, 3 cylinders, 12 valves and multi-point fuel injection. The motor was used not only in the Kolin triplets, but also in Toyota Yaris.

Its main advantage? Symbolic burning. In the urban cycle, the gasoline engine could be satisfied with less than 6 liters of fuel. On the road, the result could be reduced to over 4 liters.

1.0 VTi PureTech: timing

The Japanese focus on solid solutions. This is why they chose the chain to drive the timing on the 1.0 VVT-i engine. Importantly, this chain is virtually maintenance-free.

It should only be replaced when it starts to make noise. And you hardly hear about such cases.

1.0 VTi PureTech: feedback and crashes

A decent work culture and reasonable fuel consumption make the 1.0 VTi engine enjoy good opinions among drivers.

Breakdowns? In the vicinity of the mileage at the level of 80,000 km, the clutch thrust bearing is damaged.

The defect is often repaired while still under warranty. In addition, water pumps are known to leak.

1.0 VTi LPG: will it succeed?

The small design is ideal for gas supply. And this is due to the multi-point injection.

Reservations? Remember to periodically check and adjust the valve lash and use an additional lubrication system when installing the LPG system in a 1.0 VTi engine.

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