Which Opel / Vauxhall (GM) Engine to Avoid?

Which Opel / Vauxhall (GM) Engine to Avoid?

Opel is one of the most popular brands in the aftermarket. In order not to fall into an expensive trap, it is worth knowing the worst Opel engines – both gasoline and diesel. A very favorable ratio of age to … .

The Best 2.0 Diesel Engine: Powerful And Reliable

The Best 2.0 Diesel Engine Powerfull And Reliability

A mid-range car with a two-liter diesel engine is one of the most sought-after used vehicles. Here is a detailed comparison of the four most popular 2.0 diesels (TDCi, CDTI, TDI and dCi) with around 140hp. We advise you which … .

Features of CRDi Engine: Advantages and Disadvantages

Features of CRDi Engine Advantages and Disadvantages

The abbreviation CRDi engine (Common Rail Direct Injection or direct fuel injection system) is found on vehicles with a diesel engine. This designation was given to the engine that the South Korean auto giant Hyundai / KIA installs on its … .

Why Do Diesel Engines Get Overheated? Here’s the Cause

Why Do Diesel Engines Get Overheated Here's the Cause

During the operation of any internal combustion engine, malfunctions can occur that lead to overheating of a gasoline or diesel engine. For a diesel engine, overheating is a more serious problem compared to gasoline counterparts, since a critical temperature increase … .

Which Nissan Juke MK1 (2010-2015) Engine To Avoid?

Which Nissan Juke MK1 2010-2015 Engine To Avoid

When Nissan introduced the car in 2009, some were delighted, others thought it was a Juke. The Japanese manufacturer took Juke very seriously and introduced a strange-looking concept into production, and sales have been looking pretty good so far. Although … .