Tips On Buying Your First Used Sports Cars

Are you about to buy your first sports car? The offer is huge! But how do you get the most out of your sports car and your petrol engine?

Sports Cars Mazda MX5

Super nice Sports cars

Models such as the Toyota MR-2, MG TF, Porsche Boxster, Mazda MX-5 and various compact, fast hatchbacks – also known as the GTis – are already very accessible for many car enthusiasts today. They are all super fun cars to send in and they also look surprisingly fun and sporty. You can buy a very nice sporty car for 5,000 to 10,000 euros.

Enjoy your first car

Once you have made a choice and made a purchase, you naturally want to do everything you can to enjoy your new acquisition for as long as possible. That starts with good maintenance and every now and then an extensive cleaning to keep your paint in optimal condition.

Making your engine happy

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables makes the inner person very happy. The same principle applies to the engine in your car: it will be over the moon with high-quality engine oil and quality fuel. Better quality fuels ensure optimum engine performance.

There is less friction, more controlled combustion and you get a cleaner engine. A clean engine is important because it lasts longer, pollutes and consumes less and has a lower fuel consumption. The latter results in lower CO₂ emissions. Who would not want that?

Best fuel for your car

Opting for good fuel is therefore certainly interesting to benefit from maximum performance and to keep your engine in top condition. Also look at the octane number, because the higher this number, the better.

Especially with the engines of sportier models that often perform better with a fuel with a higher octane number. It improves the ignition quality and helps the fuel to ignite evenly at the right time, ultimately resulting in better performance.

Shell V-Power has octane number 98

A fuel like Shell V-Power is made with extra additives. These additives are mixtures of powerful cleaning agents that keep important parts of the engine fuel system clean and reduce the build-up of dirt on intake valves and injectors. When you fill up with Shell V-Power, you also drive immediately CO₂ neutral.

This is because Shell compensates the CO₂ emissions of the fuel used on its own account. From the extraction of crude oil to the combustion of the fuel in the engine. Shell V-Power is suitable for engines with more power. For that reason, Shell V-Power is also a gasoline with an octane number of 98. As a result, you get even more out of your engine than you are used to.

Wish from everyone

With good maintenance and the right fuel, you can continue to enjoy your sports car for as long as possible. And that is ultimately everyone’s wish. Because driving remains incredibly fun to do. Let alone in your first sports car.


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