5+ The Most Iconic Muscle Cars Ever Made

There are no cars like Muscle Car. If you ask your father what his favorite car or grandfather was when he was very young, the answer would be Muscle Car. The reason why this American automotive category is so popular is the same reason why we like junk food – it’s bad and you know that, but it’s irresistible.

Best Classic Muscle Cars

And we tell you what Muscle Cars are: artifacts made in the 60s that are full of machines that are more powerful, colossal, rugged bodies (usually V8). The golden period of Muscle Cars was from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s, like heavy rock, and like heavy rock, Muscle Cars were strong but fast, rough but strong and attractive. Very beautiful, but they must be tempting regardless of gender or age. These are the five most iconic Muscle Cars in automotive history.

The Most Iconic Muscle Cars Ever Made

Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 1970

Muscle Cars Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 1970

The Chevelle is a well-liked car because of its sleek bodywork, but Chevrolet maintains its limited strength. All that changed with SS 454, colloquially called LS6, with extraordinary powers that made it one of the anthologies of Muscle Cars.

Speaking of heavy rock and 60s and 70s, Chevelle “LS6” appeared in the film Dazed and Confused (which originated in ’93, but was set at the time). And there is also an alternative group called Chevelle, because they want to be very popular (unfortunately for them they are not successful).

1966 Mustang GT350

Muscle Cars 1966 Mustang GT350

“Horse”. The importance called the Mustang GT is to become one of the most successful and fanatical commercial automotive lines in the world. And even though the 1968 Mustang GT500 has an almost mystical status, I think most car enthusiasts see the first version of the GT350 in our minds when we hear or read the word Mustang.

The simple design is one of the best known silhouettes in the automotive industry. The GT350 is perhaps one of the most faithful examples of the Muscle Car concept: an ordinary people’s sedan powered by a trackless engine.

Plymouth Barracuda 1964

Muscle Cars Plymouth Barracuda 1964

“Fish”. Although Mustang is the name best known today as an exponent of Muscle Cars, in the 60s the big name was actually Plymouth Barracuda. The Barracuda evolved into something like a Plymouth Insignia Charger powered by one of the giant Dodge Hemi engines. His magical accusations are still so strong that Chrysler occasionally drops rumors that he will revive the name “Barracuda.”

Pontiac GTO 1965

Muscle Cars Pontiac GTO 1965

Apart from the pony and fish legend, Pontiac GTO is considered by many automotive enthusiasts as the ultimate Muscle Car. The 1965 model, specifically. It’s more affordable in price and beautiful in style than the Mustang and Barracuda, so the GTO is seen as an ordinary “Muscle Car”, popularly known as “the goat.”

From a commercial standpoint, that means that the Pontiac GTO ’65, which recorded sales doubling from the 1964 model, was the first car to show that the combination of cheap bodywork with excess engine was very popular and not only for drag racers.

Dodge Super Bee 1969

Muscle Cars Dodge Super Bee 1969

It is natural to call this Muscle Car a “bee” but its more aggressive appearance earned it the nickname “six pack”. Cars that were very popular in their day were not only because of their performance but because it was relatively easier to repair and modify than other cars of its kind.


Of the 5 muscle cars above, I prefer the Chevrolet Chevelle. I don’t know why, but I really like the design. Looks funny, but at the same time very powerful. How about you guys?

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