The Most Common VW / AUDI 1.2 TDI (ANY) Engine Problems

Volkswagen 1.2 TDI ANY 3-cylinder turbo diesel engines were assembled from 1999 to 2015 and installed in the most compact models, such as Lupo, Polo, Fabia, Roomster or Audi A2.

During their production, such diesel engines have been replaced by two different generations: EA188 and EA189 .

In 1999, along with a 3-cylinder 1.4 TDI diesel engine, a similar 1.2-liter internal combustion engine appeared, which was distinguished by a smaller diameter and piston stroke, as well as an aluminum cylinder block.

In all other respects, the engines were similar, they used pump nozzles, a timing belt, and in the crankcase there was a block of a balance shaft and an oil pump with its own chain drive.

The oil cooler of the 1.2 TDI engine is included in a large cooling circuit, while in 1.4 TDI it is in a small one.

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1.2 TDI ANY Engine Specs

Exact Volume1191 cm³
Supply systeminjector pump
ICE power61 HP
Torque140 Nm
Cylinder blockaluminum R3
Block headaluminum 6v
Cylinder diameter76.5 mm
piston stroke86.7 mm
Compression ratio19.5
ICE featuresbalance shaft
hydraulic liftersYes
Timing drivebelt
Phase regulatorNo
What oil to pour4.3 liters 5W-30
Fuel typediesel
Environmental classEURO 3
Sample resource200,000 km

1.2 TDI engines do not like bad fuel and we advise you not to save on the quality of diesel fuel. Yes, and it is recommended to use the original oil and only with Volkswagen 505.01 approval.

1.2 TDI ANY Advantages And Reliability

  1. Return of 61 force , good dynamics with fuel consumption of no more than 2.5-3 liters of fuel.
  2. The presence of pump nozzles.
  3. Due to the design features, a block of an oil pump and a balancing shaft with a separate chain drive fit in the crankcase.
  4. Reliable timing – perhaps one of the few VAG engines that has a long belt and tensioner resource.

A characteristic feature can be distinguished from the design of the 1.2-liter ANY engine : the oil cooler is included in a large cooling circuit.

In the older modification of 1.4 liters , a small circuit is used. The block and cylinder head are aluminum.

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Disadvantages and problems of the 1.2 TDI ANY engine

1.2 TDI ANY Engine Disadvantages

First of all, ANY engines catastrophically do not tolerate poor quality fuel. Therefore, saving even on diesel fuel is not worth it.

It is also recommended to use the original oil. In other respects, the ANY ICE has almost no drawbacks. Despite the leveling of shortcomings, the engine was awarded a number of typical problems.

1.2 TDI ANY Engine Most Common Problems

  1. Curvature of the aluminum block – we are talking about tightening the nuts during the installation of the block head. The bolts are very easy to move, so turning the anchors will not be a problem. This is followed by weakening of the main bearings.
  2. Unreliable fasteners for pump injectors – two valves per cylinder did not allow for more reliable fasteners. It is limited to a metal plate with one bolt. A very dubious decision.
  3. Fuel pump leak – the pump here is of the slide type. Simply put, the internal combustion engine is connected to a vacuum pump through which fuel leaks.
  4. EGR pollution .

1.2 TDI ANY Engine Tuning prospects

ANY engines are not particularly accessible for modifications. The engines of the series were developed as reliable, economical and unpretentious.

For the period of creating engines, the manufacturer did not really think that in 2019 the era of small-capacity turbocharged engines would come. Therefore, the special potential of the ANY ICE was not awarded.

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1.2 TDI ANY Engine engine applicability

  • Audi : A2, 8Z (1999-2015)
  • Volkswagen : Lupo (1999-2015)
  • Seat : Arosa
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