The Most Common Toyota 1AZ-FSE Engine Problems

The 1AZ-FSE engine was installed on many model lines of Toyota cars: Camry, Avensis, RAV4, Kaldina, etc.

A 2-liter gasoline engine appeared for the first time in 2000 as a modification of 1AZ-FE with a direct fuel injection system. The letter S in the ICE marking indicates this.

Such an in-line engine with 4 cylinders is capable of developing power up to 155 l / s. Compared to the 1AZ-FE, the 1AZ-FE engine has slightly increased power and torque (up to 200 Nm).

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1AZ-FSE engine Specs

Volume (cm3)1998
Power (hp)150-155
Torque190 – 200 Nm
Timing driveChain
Environmental classEuro 4
Fuel typeGasoline AI-95
ICE featuresNot
Supply systemDirect injection D4
hydraulic liftersNot
Cylinder blockAluminum R4
cylinder headaluminum 16v
Cylinder diameter86 mm
piston stroke86 mm
Compression ratio10.5-11
Phase regulatorInlet VVT-i
Engine oil4.9L 5W-20, 5W-30
Average resource200,000+ km

Reliability and Advantages of the 1AZ-FSE engine

The main advantage of the engine is the ability to operate on an extremely lean air-fuel mixture – 30-40 to 1.

For comparison, it should be noted that an ordinary power engine with distributed injection reaches a maximum of 24.

Compared to the early 3S series, the 1AZ-FSE engine has a simpler construction. The electronic throttle has undergone a change.

The sensors are placed inside and do not need to be adjusted. Simplified intake manifold, additional damper, fuel rail.

In addition, the manufacturer has improved the fuel pump. This reduced the risk of it leaking.

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Disadvantages and problems of the 1AZ-FSE engine

Let’s name 3 main problems of the engine. First of all, the 1AZ-FSE engine will not tolerate bad gasoline. With it, the wear and tear will be huge.

Despite the improvements, the fuel pump still leaks sometimes and has a rather low resource.

You can avoid leakage into the oil sump by regularly checking the oil level – a special dipstick will help with this.

Possible stripping of the thread due to insufficient length of the fixing screws. Jerks are also possible while driving, the cause of which is the soot coating of the intake manifold, control flaps and throttle.

1AZ-FSE engine Tuning prospects

There are a lot of solutions for tuning the 1AZ-FSE engine. The main ones are chip tuning with an increase in power up to 170 l / s, boring and boost.

You can bore the engine up to a volume of 2.4 liters, resulting in a significant increase in traction. But the price of such a modification to many motorists seems prohibitively high.

The best option for this ICE is a TRD turbo, which additionally needs an intercooler, updated nozzles, a thick cylinder head gasket and a few other small details.

But at the output, if you do not change the piston group, you can get up to 200 l / s.

Applicability of the 1AZ-FSE engine

Toyota : Avensis (2000-2009), Avensis Verso (2001-2009), Allion (2001-2007), Caldina (2002-2007), Gaia (2001-2004), Ipsum (2001-2009), Noah (2001-2007) ), Opa (2000-2005), Premio (2001-2007), RAV4 (2000-2008), Voxy (2001-2007), Wish (2003-2009).

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