The Most Common 6G73 2.5 GDI Cyclone V6 Engine Problems

The 6G73 engine is a very popular Japanese 6-cylinder engine, which was produced by the Mitsubishi automaker from 1990 to 2000. The working volume of the engine is 2.5 liters.

Thanks to this volume, together with the v-shaped arrangement of cylinders, the engine easily develops power from 165 to 175 horsepower, depending on the modification.

Such good performance of the internal combustion engine made it popular not only in the land of the rising sun, but also in the United States.

So, the American companies Chrysler and Dodge installed these engine on many of their cars.

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6G73 Engine Specifications

ProductionKyoto engine plant
Engine brand6G7/Cyclone V6
Release years1990-2002
Block materialCast iron
Supply systeminjector
Type ofV-shaped
Number of cylinders6
Valves per cylinderfour
Piston stroke, mm76
Cylinder diameter, mm83.5
Compression ratio9; 10; 11 (DOHC GDI)
Engine volume, cc2497
Engine power, hp / rpm164-175/5900-6000; 200/6000 (DOHC GDI)
Torque, Nm/rpm216-222/4000-4500; 250/3500 (DOHC GDI)
Engine weight, kg~195
Fuel consumption, l/100 km (for Galant)
– City15.0L
– Highway8.0L
– Mixed10.0L
Oil consumption, g/1000 kmup to 1000
Engine oil0W-40; 5W-30; 5W-40; 5W-50; 10W-30; 10W-40; 10W-50; 10W-60; 15W-50
How much oil is in the engine, lfour
Oil change is carried out, km7000-10000
Operating temperature of the engine, hail.~90
Engine resource, thousand km
– according to the plant
 – on practice400+
Tuning, HP
— potential300+
– no loss of resource
The engine was installedMitsubishi Diamante; Dodge Stratus; Dodge Avenger; Chrysler Sebring; Chrysler Cirrus

Advantages and Reliability of The 6G73 Engine

Like any other Japanese engine, the 6G73 engine has a pretty good resource. This internal combustion engine can travel up to 300,000 km without any problems.

And subject to the use of high-quality fuels and lubricants, this figure may be somewhat higher.

The engine is very economical: the fuel consumption of this engine is only 9.2 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle.

Also, the owners of the engine have the opportunity to save on its maintenance. The design of the engine provides hydraulic compensators that are able to automatically adjust the valves.

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Disadvantages and problems of the 6G73 engine

During the operation of 6G73 engines, the following problems may arise:

  1. when using low-quality engine oil, the hydraulic compensator may soon knock;
  2. after 150,000, the engine starts to “eat oil”. The problem is eliminated by replacing the oil scraper rings-caps;
  3. during the operation of the engines of the very first modifications, there may be problems with the ignition system;
  4. some modifications of 6G73 engines are very capricious about fuel and engine oil.

How to fix unstable rpm on the 6G73  Engine

Fault typeSolution
Air leak into the engine cylindersCheck the tightness of the air supply pipes to the intake manifold. It is not necessary to remove each hose individually, because this is a laborious process. It is enough just to process the tubes with the composition of VD-40. 
Replacement of the regulator of idlingThe state of the IAC is checked with a multimeter, which we measure its resistance. If the multimeter shows a resistance in the range from 40 to 80 ohms, then the regulator is out of order and will have to be replaced.
Cleaning the crankcase ventilation valveYou will have to disassemble the oil sump – this will make it possible to get to its ventilation and remove the valve, which must be washed in diesel fuel or any means to clean engine parts from traces of oil sludge. Then dry the valve and put it back.
Mass Air Flow Sensor ReplacementDMRV is a sensor that in most cases cannot be repaired. So if it was he who became the cause of the floating idle speed, it is better to replace it rather than repair it. Moreover, it is impossible to fix a failed hot-wire anemometer.
Flushing the throttle valve with the subsequent installation of its correct positionThere are two ways to clean the DZ from oil deposits – with and without removal from the machine. In the first case, you will have to throw off all the attachments that lead to the damper, loosen the latches and remove. Then put the DZ in an empty container and fill it with a special aerosol.

Applicability of the 6G73 engine

  • Chrysler : Cirrus (1995-2000), Sebring (1995-2000)
  • Dodge : Avenger (1995-2000), Stratus (1995-2000)
  • Mitsubishi : Diamante (1990-2002), Galant (1992-1996)

6G73 Engine Tuning Prospects

Professional auto mechanics say that modification of 6G73 engines does not bring any significant results. To get a really powerful engine, experts recommend replacing it with a turbocharged version.

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