The Most Common 4.5 V8 Porsche M48.50 Engine Problems

The German company assembled the 4.5-liter V8 Porsche M48.50 turbo engine from 2002 to 2007 and put it on the pre-styling version of the first generation Cayenne crossovers in the back of the 955.

This engine is famous for the frequent formation of scuffing in the cylinders due to the poor Alusil coating.

M48.50 Engine Specification

Exact Volume4511 cm³
Supply systemdistribution injection
ICE power450 – 520 HP
Torque620 – 720 Nm
Cylinder blockAluminum V8
Block headAluminum 32v
Cylinder diameter93 mm
Piston stroke83 mm
Compression ratio9.5
ICE featuresNo
Hydraulic liftersYes
Timing driveChain
Phase regulatorOn the intake shafts
TurbochargingIHI RHF5H
What oil to pour8.5 liters 5W-40
Fuel typeAI-98
Environmental classEURO 4
Sample resource200,000 km

Fuel Consumption Porsche M48.50 Engine

Using the example of a 2004 Porsche Cayenne Turbo with automatic transmission:

City21.9 liters
track11.9 liters
Mixed15.7 liters

Reliability and main advantages Of The M48.50 engine

The M48.50 gasoline engine was installed on German Porsche Cayenne cars of the 1st generation (Type 955 / 9PA). The assembly of this engine was carried out from 2002 to 2007.

The size of the M48.50 engine is 4511 cm3, the maximum power reaches 450 hp. This engine has 8 rather large cylinders (diameter 93 mm) arranged in a V-shaped manner.

These cylinders have a total of 32 valves – they are located in the cylinder head.

It should also be noted that the compression ratio of this engine is only 9.5, and the piston stroke here is 8.3 cm.

On top of that, this engine has distributed fuel injection, liquid cooling and has good turbocharging.

Of course, the consumption of gasoline here is quite high – 15.7 liters per 100 km.

But on the other hand, cars with the M48.50 engine are very fast and powerful – it is for these qualities that they are valued.

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Disadvantages and problems of the M48.50 engine

Like many other V8 engines that were installed on Porsche in the 2000s, the M48.50 is characterized by scuffing on the cylinder mirrors (as a rule, they appear in the 7th and 8th cylinders).

And the reason for their occurrence is quite banal – oil starvation as a result of long intense loads and insufficient quality of the cooling system.

Plus, there may be certain problems with the turbine. Over the years, its effectiveness may decrease.

But in order to identify this, it will be necessary to contact a car service, where there is equipment for comprehensive diagnostics of turbines (and it is far from being available everywhere).

M48.50 engine applicability

  • Porsche : Cayenne (2002-2007)

M48.50 engine Tuning prospects

In principle, the M48.50 engine can be tuned without any problems. Moreover, with the help of this procedure, very significant progress can be achieved.

When tuning Stage 1, power can be increased from 450 to 500 horses, and torque from 620 to 750 Nm.

Tuning Stage 2 (it also involves a noticeable intervention in the exhaust system) allows you to pump power up to 520 hp. and torque up to 780 Nm.

Plus, after such tuning, the dynamics and throttle response of the car will improve, the accelerator pedal will respond faster to pressing, etc.

This service gives really a lot of positive effects. However, keep in mind that any tuning increases the load on the engine.

Accordingly, drivers must be especially careful and responsible in servicing tuned internal combustion engines.

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