The Most Common 3.2 Porsche M96.24 Engine Problems

The M96.24 gasoline engine from the German company Porsche can be called quite rare – this is due to the fact that it was produced for only about two years, from 2002 to 2004.

And they installed it on the Porsche Boxster 986 S roadster. The size of the M96.24 engine is 3179 cm3, and the power is 260 hp.

This engine belongs to the boxer category, that is, the cylinders (there are 6 in total) are located here in 2 rows, and the angle between them is 180 °.

In addition, the opposing pistons in such internal combustion engines always move mirror to each other.

The diameter of each cylinder here is 93 mm, and the piston stroke is 78 mm. It is worth noting that each cylinder is served by 4 valves (respectively, there are 24 in total).

On top of that, the features of this engine include the presence of 2 camshafts, 8 main bearings, a timing chain drive, and liquid cooling. It also uses VarioCam technology – Porsche’s own technology, which is responsible for changing the valve timing.

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Disadvantages and problems of the M96.24 engine

It is believed that the M96.24 engine are not very hardy. Sometimes they are sent for overhaul before reaching the mark of 250,000 km. And they break, as a rule, suddenly, without obvious symptoms.

Even such a problem as an oil burner does not arise for M96.24 engines with an increase in mileage (this, by the way, can be considered a plus).

The timing chain here usually requires replacement after 120,000 km. And for this, you will definitely have to remove the engine from its place (this is one of the reasons why the replacement cost in this case will be very high).

Another malfunction characteristic of the M96.24 is the rotation of the liners. The driver must carefully monitor their condition, and periodically change them – this will extend the life of the internal combustion engine.

M96.24 engine applicability

  • Porsche : Boxster (2002-2004)

Tuning prospects

The M96.24 engine has decent tuning potential. With the help of universal electronic modules or individual firmware, you can increase the peak power of the engine by about 20 hp.

Additionally, you can improve the exhaust system, as well as install a cold intake and a sports car – this will also give some amount of horsepower.

However, it should be remembered that the transmission here is not the most reliable – it may not digest more than 300 “horses”. Accordingly, with a comprehensive revision, it will also have to be replaced.

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