The Most Common 1.6 Mazda MZR Z6 Engine Problems

The MZR Z6 engine is a four-cylinder engine with a volume of 1.6 liters. Its production began almost 20 years ago, in 2001.

Today, these engines are installed on Mazda 3 cars. The power of the engine is 105 horsepower with a torque of 145 Nm.

For normal operation of the engine, the car should be refueled with fuel of at least grade A-95. According to the technical documentation, 5-W30 oil is used for internal combustion engines. But in the cold season, the use of 5-W40 is allowed.

With normal and proper operation of all components and assemblies of the engine, the consumption in the city will be 6.3, and along the highway – 5.3. l per 100 kilometers.

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MZR Z6 Engine Specifications

Volume (cm3)1598
Power (hp)105
Torque145 Nm
Timing driveChain
Environmental classEuro 4/5
Fuel typeGasoline AI-92
ICE featuresDOHC
Supply systemDistribution injection
Hydraulic liftersNot
Cylinder blockAluminum R4
Cylinder headAluminum 16v
Cylinder diameter78 mm
Piston stroke83.6 mm
Compression ratio10
Phase regulatorOn the intake S-VT
Engine oil4.2 L 5W-30
Average resource250 000 km

Advantages And Reliability of the MZR Z6 engine

In general, the Z6 engine is considered to be a completely reliable engine. Drivers note the following advantages of the engine:

  1. The cylinder head is practically not subject to breakdowns.
  2. Low fuel consumption.
  3. An adjustable intake manifold leads to an increase in airflow, and this, in turn, has a very positive effect on dynamics.
  4. The timing drive works like DOHC, equipped with 2 camshafts, ensures stable and high-quality operation of the engine.
  5. Closed cooling system.
  6. The ignition system is electronically controlled.
  7. Compliance with Euro-4.5 environmental standards.

Disadvantages and problems of the Z6 engine

As for the disadvantages, the following typical problems of the Z6 engine are noted by motorists:

  1. The absence of hydraulic lifters leads to periodic manual adjustment of the valves.
  2. Thrust dips happen. The reason usually lies in a broken intake manifold gasket.
  3. Dirty throttle or EGR leads to floating speed.
  4. A small resource of engine mounts, resulting in strong vibrations.

Applicability of The MZR Z6 engine

  • Mazda: 3 (2003-2019)

MZR Z6 engine Tuning prospects

To increase engine power, tuners recommend doing the following:

  • chip tuning;
  • modernization of the intake system with a cone filter;
  • changing the piston group and upgrading the cylinder head.
  • smart setting.
  • Such solutions will make it possible to obtain an engine with a power of 160 hp.
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