12+ The Best Cars For Single Female Drivers & Moms

Whether for design or functionality, there are cars that are better suited to each person. Women especially seek practicality, but without sacrificing aesthetics. Those who are moms, single female drivers or the most adventurous have a type of car that they like the most.

2021 Audi A3 For Female Drivers

Manufacturers know this and create models designed for this demanding public. Although this is obviously not an immovable rule, there are certain cars that are known, are most wanted and used by female drivers, as evidenced by sales data and some specialized surveys.

Here Are 12 Cars For Female Drivers & Moms 2021

The lifestyle of each person is a determining factor in choosing a car. The usual number of passengers, the daily use that is given, the cost and of course the taste are elements that enter into the judgment of which is the most suitable car. In addition to the guarantees and security measures, which are also very important.

The truth is that women are more cautious to drive. Statistically, they are involved in fewer accidents than men. So they look for stability and safety in a car, among other important elements when choosing between any of these women’s cars.

2021 Fiat 500

2021 Fiat 500 For Female Drivers

The Fiat 500 is without a doubt one of the favorite cars for female drivers. It is a compact car, ideal for big cities, but also has a characteristic design that distinguishes it from any other car model.

That is, it is not just any compact, it is an Italian design that catches the eye wherever you go. In addition, it offers a range of colors rare in most cars. Its size and practicality make it an ideal car for the city.

2021 Volvo XC90

2021 Volvo XC90 For Female Drivers

Volvo XC90 is a car that combines elegance and practicality. Although it is not a compact car at all, it is very practical for short trips in and out of the city. However, it is also comfortable for traveling long distances.

This is one of the cars for female drivers that they choose the most, especially those with families. It is for 5 passengers, and they will feel very comfortable traveling in this SUV. It also has a large trunk, which is one of the favorite items among women. Of course, its price is much higher than that of other cars, because we are not dealing with a utility vehicle but rather a real mid-high-end car.

2021 Toyota Yaris

2021 Toyota Yaris For Female Drivers

Toyota Aygo in Europe or its version for US, Yaris, are one of the favorite hatchbacks. These types of cars combine the trunk with the rear seats. This provides space without sacrificing comfort, in addition to not being a very large car.

The design of this car is very attractive and reflects very well the modern and adventurous spirit of female who prefer it. However, it has an elegant and urban line, making it one of the most versatile models.

2021 Volkswagen Beetle

2021 VW Beetle For Female Drivers

Volkswagen’s Beetle is one of the most-bought cars for single female drivers. Perhaps it is because it is the official car for the Barbie doll. Or simply because its design is fun, eye-catching but very practical and comfortable, especially when traveling around the city.

This model is one of those that offers different color options. Because it is a two-door car, women who are moms often do not choose it as much. Not so the younger ones who like to travel everywhere with their Beetle. A car for hipsters and design lovers.

2021 Porsche Cayenne

2021 Porsche Cayenne For Female Drivers

Cayenne by Porsche provides safety and comfort for female professional who choose it. Among the most recommended female cars is this Porsche model. This is because the level of the driving position is higher.

This detail provides a lot of security to female drivers professional, who also choose it for the compact but elegant design of this model. The Cayenne car is practical, very easy to handle and backed by the Porsche brand, which is always a guarantee. All in all, you have to prepare the wallet if you want to drive this car, since it is the most expensive in the ranking.

2021 Nissan Micra

2021 Nissan Micra For Female Drivers

Nissan Micra is another city car that female teens really like. Many are drawn to compact, colorful car models with cutting-edge designs. The micra meets these requirements.

It is a completely urban car, for this reason it is the favorite of working female who need to move safely, conveniently and economically. Also those who have children who are no longer babies, usually choose the Micra for practicality. It is also a very reasonably priced car for almost every budget.

2021 Smart ForTwo

2021 Smart Fortwo For Female Drivers

The new Smart ForTwo is an ultra compact car that every single female wants to have. Or at least most of them wish they could drive one of these cars. Its peculiar design and how compact it is make it ideal for large and busy cities.

Although in truth, it is not a highly recommended car for families with more than three members, a woman with a lot of activity will find her best ally in the new Smart. With it it is easy to forget about the problem of finding where to park, since it fits almost anywhere.

2021 Ford Focus

2021 Ford Focus For Female Drivers

Ford Focus is one of the most recommended and bought cars by female drivers. According to ThoughtCo in its list of women’s favorite cars, this is the one that tops the list, at least in America.

Perhaps it is due to the spaciousness of its interior, which allows women with children to travel comfortably, or its exterior design with a very elegant European line, as well as a high cabin, and its easy driving, which makes working female see ford focus as a great ally on the road.

2021 Mazda 3

2021 Mazda 3 For Female Drivers

The entire Mazda 3 line is one of the preferred car options for glamour female drivers. Its body is highly resistant, which favors the driver in case of accidents. Its options of 4 or 5 doors, with ample space in the trunk, make it ideal for the family.

On short trips within the city it is economical and comfortable, however its handling on long trips also makes it one of the favorites. This quality of combining practicality with comfort is what makes it a favorite among luxury female drivers.

2021 Honda CR-V

2021 Honda CR-V For Female Drivers

Honda CR-V is an SUV preferred by female drivers with family or many friends. For long trips, a little for adventure, this car offers a lot of comfort, making it ideal for traveling.

It is for 5 passengers, that’s why this car offers the comfort of a very large truck or car, but the practicality and economy of a medium-sized car. And Moms with children or with family and friends choose the Honda CR-V especially if they often travel long distances.

2021 Mini Cooper

2021 Mini Cooper For Female Drivers

Mini Cooper is a compact car that became a 20 year old female favorite. All its versions are chosen as the ideal cars for single female drivers. Although it is a compact car, it can adapt very well to move the family.

It is undoubtedly an ideal car for urban environments, but it does not sacrifice comfort. Perhaps the most attractive and why women seek it so much is its unmistakable and classic design, one of the factors that most attracts it.

2021 Volkswagen Golf

2021 VW Golf For Female Drivers

Volkswagen is still the favorite of many. Furthermore, Golf is considered one of the safest cars. Volkswagen Golf is not only a car chosen by female drivers, it is actually a car that many people consider to be among the best: German reliability, simple but iconic design, and a great engine.

In addition to providing security, the interior, despite not being very spacious compared to other cars of a similar range, is comfortable for both the driver and passengers. And what about design, that will always have a touch of distinction, like all Volkswagen.



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