Suzuki Cappuccino Review, History, Engine, Specs

Suzuki Cappuccino is a kei-car produced in 1991-1995 (EA11R) and 1995-1997 (EA21R) by the automotive company Suzuki.

Suzuki Cappuccino Reliability History Engine Specs Review For Sale

Cappuccino History

The Suzuki Cappuccino is a two-seater car available as a 2-door roadster. It is a kei-car type – the small passenger car segment, sports car and van. It is characterized by small dimensions, thanks to which the owner of the car receives various discounts – lower taxes or insurance. Two versions of the Cappuccino differ in engine (older version: F6A with timing belt, latest version: K6A with lighter structure with time chain) and gear.

It is powered by a 0.65 liter R3 turbo petrol engine at the front. The Suzuki Cappuccino is available with a three-speed automatic or five-speed manual gearbox that transfers power to the rear axle. The hood, roof, roller bar and bottom of the front cover are made of aluminum.

Cappuccino Exterior Design

Three movable roof panels mean the roof can be configured in four ways: a fully folded roof, targa, T-bar or a fully folded roof (convertible). The rear window, once folded, is hidden inside the body. Unlike most convertibles, the rear window is glass and wrapped. Suzuki Cappuccino’s biggest competitors are Autozam AZ-1, Honda Beat and Daihatsu Leeza Spyder.

Cappuccino Dimensions

The dimensions of this Suzuki Cappuccino are 3295 mm long, 1395 mm wide and 1185 mm high. The weight of the car is 690 kg, with a distribution of 50:50 or 51:49.

Cappuccino For Sale

The Suzuki Cappuccino was designed for the Japanese market because it meets Kei tax requirements: body length is less than 3.3 meters (129.9 inches), body width is less than 1.4 meters (55.1 inches) and engine size is smaller. from 0.66 liter. There is no intention of exporting the Suzuki Cappuccino to other markets. In the first two years (1991-1992), 15,113 copies were sold, of which 13,318 (or 88% of production) were sold in Japan alone.

As time went on, Great Britain began holding talks with Suzuki to introduce the Cappuccino to the British market. An agreement was reached after 18 months. In October 1992, the car appeared on the European market for the first time. Suzuki Cappuccino has won two of the prestigious IBCAM Design awards in the categories Best Sports Car Under £ 20,000 and Best Car. The special version of the Suzuki Cappuccino “BA” has driver airbags, 4-wheel ABS and LSD.

Cappuccino Specification

The Suzuki Cappuccino engine has four valves per cylinder. Fuel is supplied to the combustion engine by injection. The maximum power it can achieve is 64 hp at 6,500 rpm. The maximum torque of the Cappuccino is 85 Nm at 4,000 rpm.

Cappuccino Performance

The car accelerates to 100 km / h in 11.3 seconds, the Suzuki Cappuccino’s maximum speed is 150 km / h. The vehicle is equipped with independent front and rear suspension with double wishbones.


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