Subaru EZ36D Engine Problems And Reliability

The Subaru EZ36D engine is the largest and most voluminous engine in the Subaru lineup. This powerful engine has been holding the palm since 2007, when the Tribeca model was released.

The Subaru EZ36 engine is very different from its predecessor in innovations, but fundamentally similar. With new asymmetric connecting rods, a reinforced cylinder block with an increased diameter, the volume of the Subaru EZ36 internal combustion engine reached 3.6 liters. Powerful engine Subaru EZ36 made modern cooling and a new manifold.

Other highlights of the Subaru EZ36 engine include new cylinder heads and a redesigned combustion chamber. All together made it possible to get a decent 260 hp. According to experts, the 36th turned out to be reliable and unpretentious.

From the old 30th engine, the height of the cylindrical block and the piston stroke remained. Among the features of the unit is the inability to change the valve lift. But there is a system for changing the distribution phases.

What the Subaru EZ36 engine has in common with the entire engine range of the company is the huge tuning possibilities. As in the previous model, the turbocharged version shows excellent results. For these purposes, you can use directly the turbine or compressor.

Supercharging in any way provides 400 horses. But compressor equipment is more expensive. The turbine will cost less and will be somewhat more powerful. True, turbocharged tuning technology is more complicated.

Applicability of EZ36 engine

  • Subaru: Legacy (2009-2019), Outback (2009-), Tribeca (2008-2014)

EZ36D engine Specifications

Volume (cm3)3629
Power (hp)250-260
Timing driveChains — 3 pcs.
Environmental classEuro 4/5
Fuel typeGasoline AI-95
ICE featuresDOHC
Supply systemInjector
hydraulic liftersNo
Cylinder blockAluminum H6
cylinder headaluminum 24v
Cylinder diameter92 mm
Stroke91 mm
Compression ratio10.5
Phase regulatordual stroke
Engine oil6.3 l. 5w30, 5w40
Average resource300,000+ km.

Disadvantages and problems of the EZ30 engine

  • Most often, the network complains about high fuel consumption and regular oil leaks.
  • In second place is overheating due to another problem with the cooling system.
  • From cheap oil, the tensioner fails here and the timing chain starts to make noise
  • Low reliability also has a pressure regulator in the fuel pump
  • On runs over 150 – 200 thousand km, oil consumption for waste is often already present

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