Renault, Infiniti, Nissan

Car manufacturer Renault was founded in 1899 by the three Renault brothers. They saw the usefulness of motorsport and despite Marcel Renault being killed in the Paris-Madrid race, Renault remained active in racing. The brand won the first Grand Prix in 1906 and in mid-1977 introduced the turbocharged engine in Formula 1.

The Renault factory in Paris was completely destroyed during the Second World War. Due to all kinds of political complications, Renault became a state-owned company shortly after the Second World War. The Renault 4CV was the first new car to appear after the war and became a great success, as did its successors, the Dauphine and the 4. The Renault 16, the first car with a hatchback, was voted Car of the Year in 1966. The 1984 Renault Espace was one of the first MPVs, or space cars as we said back then.

In 1996 Renault was privatized and in 1999 the alliance with Nissan was started. Renault has been working with Dacia since the late 1960s, and in 1999 acquired a majority stake in the Romanian brand. Since 2000, Renault also has a majority stake in the car division of the Korean Samsung. Renault has been working with Daimler since 2010: the brands exchange engines and work together in Smart.

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