Peugeot Traveller 2021 Reviews Specs, Price & Release Date

The Peugeot Traveller 2021 is a minivan that fits what is expected of this type of minivan, thanks to its spacious and comfortable interior and with the necessary equipment. Peugeot Traveller 2021 is an alternative worth considering if you have a large family or if you travel frequently in groups. Among its main advantages is the cabin which is spacious on all fronts, and has enough features to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

Peugeot Traveller 2021 Colors

At we thoroughly review French minivans, which prioritize space usage. In addition, including the technology that strengthens it in the entertainment and security sector, without neglecting competitive prices when we consider all the advantages it offers.

2021 Traveller Exterior

The Peugeot Traveller 2021 doesn’t have a luxurious or premium look, but it does showcase the right sense of modernity. It boasts a strong and bulky appearance, something that makes perfect sense considering the priority is to offer as much interior space as possible. Chrome accents add a touch of elegance.

Regarding the exterior equipment, this minivan has Xenon headlamps with LED light guides, as well as fog lamps with a cornering function. We also find side mirrors with heating technology, electric adjustment and blind spot detection.

The minivan also uses a special package to ensure good visibility for the driver in many scenarios, which consists of automatic headlights and rain sensors. It’s worth mentioning that it also has a split panoramic roof, 17-inch aluminum wheels, as well as left and right side sliding doors with an electric mechanism.

2021 Peugeot Traveller Colors

This is the available Peugeot Traveller 2021 exterior color options, check the colours list below:

  • Onyx Black
  • Aluminium Grey
  • Bianca White
  • Dragoon Blue
  • Rich Oak Brown
  • Tourmaline Orange

2021 Traveller Interior

Among its strongest points is the spaciousness of the cabin. The manufacturer explains that users looking for this type of minivan prioritize space and functionality. The interior is spacious for multi-person travel, plus it has a logical layout of all the controls and knobs.

Peugeot Traveller 2021 Interior

The Peugeot Traveller 2021 seat provides a good contact sensation because it is covered with leather, a material that is also found on the multifunctional steering wheel with height and depth adjustments. What stands out is that the second row seats have a Drop & Go system, which allows them to change direction, so that the openable center table can also be used for work or entertainment.

It is worth mentioning that some important features are included to enhance the experience and comfort, such as a dual zone air conditioning system with adjusters for each row and a front seat with massage function.

2021 Traveller Equipment

On a technological level, the Peugeot Traveller 2021 is well equipped, with regard to offering sufficient amenities for an entertaining trip. This is very important because its nature calls to use it for family weekend getaways and long trips.

In the center of the console we find a 7-inch touch screen with an integrated AM / FM radio. In terms of connectivity, it has Bluetooth, a USB port and compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It also has up to 4 12V sockets throughout the cabin.

Peugeot Traveller 2021 Equipment

For its part, the driver will have a 3.4-inch instrument panel with a head-up display, so we stay focused on the road at all times.

The Peugeot Traveller 2021 is also tough in terms of security. Confident wheels with a complete package starting with 6 airbags (front and side for first row and curtain type for 2 rear rows). ABS braking system and electronic stability control are no less.

This is a model that gives us a lot of confidence to roam the road with a full house, as it adds assistance such as cruise control and speed limiter, traction control, automatic door unlock system in case of a collision, reverse camera with 180 degree vision, emergency brake assistance, and hill start assistance.

2021 Traveller Specs

This minivan bases its performance on a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine with 150 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. Thanks to this efficient powertrain, it offers competent handling, breaking some of the prejudices that exist about this type of vehicle. While the sensation was pleasant while driving it, it didn’t stand out in the acceleration test from 0 to 100 km / h marking 10.7 seconds on the stopwatch.

Likewise with an automatic transmission which is a must, because it feels less precise. Another aspect that needs to be improved is the direction, because it is considered somewhat vague; However, its light weight allows very easy maneuvering in confined spaces, something that comes in handy if you are going to be driving in the city a lot. Although Traveller 2021 offers reliable and capable handling in almost any setting, it reminds us that we are driving a large and heavy vehicle.

In terms of fuel consumption, this model is capable of producing 13.7 km / l in the city, 17.2 km / l on the highway, and 15.6 km / l in combined performance.

How much is the price for a Peugeot Traveller 2021?

For that price, that Peugeot Traveller 2021 costs start at around £36,930 for Active Standard and £43,465 for Allure Standard. While we don’t know what trim levels the lineup will fill, we think it will harmonize with other Peugeot models.

When is the Peugeot Traveller 2021 Release Date?

Peugeot has confirmed that the Traveller Minivan will not end production until 2021, meaning it still has a couple more model years left. So we estimate the release date will be at the end of 2020.


The Peugeot Traveller 2021 stands out for its solid proposal in terms of design, functionality and performance. On the outside, it stands out for its elegant and modern appearance, but also for its good level of equipment with technologies such as heating in the rearview mirror.

However, the biggest advantage is in the cabin, where we find an exemplary distribution of space, leather seats and suitable technology for entertainment and safety. Although there are details that detract from the driving experience, it is capable and solvent for short city trips and long journeys on the highway. Without a doubt, an interesting bet if we are looking for convincing style, functionality and performance.


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