2024 Peugeot 408 Colors, Price And Specs

In June 2022, the French concern Stellantis officially presented its first Peugeot 408 crossover for the 2024 model year.  The car received a modern design, improved aerodynamics, narrow V-shaped headlights, aggressive bumpers, unusual taillights, a grille without frame, 20-inch wheels and advanced technology.

2024 Peugeot 408 can be said to be a car that combines a coupe appearance, high performance, a lot of practicality with a touch of SUV style. The 408 is based on the same EMP2 V3 architecture and offers powertrain options including petrol, plug-in hybrid and, at a later date, all-electric variants.


Peugeot has always had its own unique interpretation of style. In addition to the freshness brought by the new variety, the styling designers have also endowed the 408 with a unique visual appeal, very bold surface line treatments, notably the carved C-pillars, rear leaf panels and avant-garde LED taillight lighting logo; and the particularity of the big spoiler (lion ears on the left and right sides) at the top of the rear of the car, in addition to effectively increasing the airflow, it also has the visual balance effect of the entire big back tilting back, and can also take into account the head of the rear seat. Space (a large sloping tailgate opens after the C-pillar) makes the 408 stand out even more.

The size of a medium car with a length of 4,687 × width 1,604 × height 1,478mm and a wheelbase of 2,787mm makes the 408’s posture more compact and muscular. Symmetrical design. The pre-shot 408 Allure model’s car color at the location was Titan Grey, and the 408 GT model’s car color was Obsession Blue.

It is the only one with the unique French prefix without the semicolon. The hood represents a protruding nose bridge, sharp eyes combined with daytime running lights tusks, radial mane radiator shields, lower air intake dams such as nose and mouth, etc., the overall bionic line of the lion king represents the inactive lion raja in parts front of the car breath.

The headlamps of the Allure models are standard Peugeot LED Technology, while the GT models are replaced with high-tech Matrix LED headlamps.

The radiator grille on the Allure models has a chrome-plated horizontal radial bristle pattern, while the GT models have a longitudinal radial bristle pattern in the same body color.

From the headlights, the fangs of the daytime running lights, combined with the front, rear doors and leaf panels, the sharp upper and lower body lines (referring to the lion king’s leg line) are deliberately drawn out, then the high waistline passes through them. body to the raised rear line, the sides of the 408 are full of details, quite exciting. Fog black front and rear wheel arches, side skirt corners, and Two-Tone blending give it a rugged cross-border ride feel.

The fastback and C-pillar with large sloping backs, raised rear leaves look like the lines of the lion king’s waist, legs and hips, and the upper edge of the luggage compartment is cleverly combined with the tail wing, which also fully forms the bionic lines and texture of the lion king, presenting cross-border journey Distinctive sporting feel and flowing breath.

Full 3D LED taillights (a horizontal stripe for the Allure model in the image above, and a more dynamic lion’s claw diagonal stripe for the GT model in the image below) and a bright black belt design boldly echoing the double blackened lower air dam over a wide area . The rear of the car Coupled with the large curved surface combined with rich detailing, the stylish aesthetic of the concept car was directly implemented on a mass-produced car, marking the perfect end to the 408’s overall shape.


A suspended head-up digital display instrument panel, an unrealistically small diameter steering wheel and a short-cut e-toggle fly-by-wire gear lever have become quite unique and iconic features of Peugeot’s intuitive new generation i-Cockpit.

The cabin features lots of soft-touch materials and fine stitching, the new generation Peugeot’s iconic dashboard structure, and the i-Cockpit cabin layout.

The GT model is also equipped with a 3D Quartz stereoscopic projection head-up display instrument panel, a customized operating interface with Peugeot Virtual i-Toggles, and an electric heated steering wheel function.

The Peugeot Virtual i-Toggles touch panel virtual buttons can be customized according to user preferences. For example, shortcut keys for commonly used functions such as air conditioning, communication, radio or other application settings can be set on the panel, and up to 5 groups can be set. Whether it’s design, resolution, logic, functionality or humanization, the interface has a high-level, easy-to-read and intuitive operating interface.

The Peugeot i-Connect Advanced in-vehicle system integrates functions such as TomTom navigation map data, communications, audio-visual entertainment and driving information. This TomTom navigation map system can also provide convenient functions such as online map updates, real-time traffic updates and fast camera alert services.

Screen mirroring system Peugeot Mirror supports wireless/wired dual mode connection to Android Auto/Apple CarPlay Bluetooth phones. You can operate Apple Maps or Google Maps satellite navigation through the new 10 inch HD full color touch screen, or listen to Apple Music, Podcasts or Spotify music, and functions such as making phone calls.

The multi-level curved lower center console design, combined with the exclusive storage space for mobile phones, square storage space and charging area, and the double cup holder design with folding curtains that can place various shapes of cups. The center console has one set of charge/transfer USB-C sockets, and the center armrest has one set of USB-C sockets.

Peugeot seats have always performed well in terms of ergonomics, be it the support or the cover. The Allure models are equipped with French semi-genuine leather sports car seats as standard, while the GT models are equipped with triple sports car seats in genuine French Alcantra suede composite as standard. The GT model on scene also features high-grade leather seats in genuine French blue or black Nappa.

This car seat has dual front seat adjustment and heating functions. The driver’s seat is AGR (seat certified by the German Back Health Association), 10-way electric adjustment and 2 sets of memory adjustments, and the passenger seat is 6-way adjustment electric; In addition, the Nappa leather seats provide a total of 8 modes and 3 intensity massage functions: cat’s paw, wave, stretch, lumbar, shoulder, snake, side and butterfly.

The car’s moderate size with a wheelbase of 2,787mm allows the 408’s cabin to provide a comfortable environment for rear seat passengers; rear seat passengers have ample legroom at 188mm, and headroom isn’t sacrificed due to the large size. slanted back design For adults reclining in the back seat. In addition to the center armrest and AC air outlet, there are also 2 sets of rechargeable USB-C sockets.

The square and flat luggage compartment has a One-Touch seatback design that can be tilted quickly, and there are 12V power sockets and hooks on the left and right in the luggage compartment. The luggage compartment has a maximum capacity of 536 liters in 5-seater mode and 1,611 liters in 2-seater mode, besides that there is 36 liters of storage space under the bottom shelf of the luggage compartment.

Standard equipment for all Peugeot 408 models

  • ACC Stop & Go active cruise control with automatic braking and restart function;
  • ASB active brake assist system;
  • BSM remote blind spot detection and warning system;
  • DAA driving attention warning system;
  • Fast road/highway driving assist Drive Assist;
  • EHW emergency braking automatic light warning;
  • EPB electric parking brake;
  • ETSR advanced signal recognition system;
  • FCW front collision warning system;
  • HBA far and near intelligent headlights;
  • HSA hill start assist function;
  • ISA intelligent speed adjustment;
  • LKA lane keeping system; LPA lane keeping system;
  • LTW beyond low temperature warning;
  • SLI speed scanning identification system;
  • TPMS tire pressure detection auxiliary system;
  • RCTA rear traffic flow warning system;
  • AQS air quality detection system.


In the basic version, the novelty will be available with a 130-horsepower 1.2-liter Puretech turbo petrol engine which has won the best engine of the International Engine of the Year for 4 consecutive times. Two hybrid modifications will also be offered, equipped with turbocharged 1.6-liter engines with a capacity of 180 and 225 horsepower.

All versions of this car are equipped with an 8-speed EAT8 automatic transmission, combined with e-toggle telex control and various driving modes. Later, the manufacturer plans to release an all-electric version of the car.

The model’s equipment includes: adaptive cruise control, night vision camera, blind spot monitoring, warning mode of approaching objects when reversing.

An optional Drive Assist 2.0 package will be available, which provides a semi-automatic lane change function, presumably after the driver presses the turn signal lever.

Color Choices

For 2023 Peugeot 408 color options, 5 colors are available including:

  • Titan Grey;
  • Pearl Black;
  • Obsession Blue;
  • Rock Silver;
  • Glamour Red;
  • Pearl White.


The price of the new 2024 Peugeot 408 ranges from $ 36270 to $ 42315. For the European market, the novelty is assembled in Mulhouse, France, and modifications for China are carried out at the factory in Chengdu.

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