Peugeot 3008 2024 Redesign For New Facelift & Electric Motors

The Peugeot 3008 2024 is expected to receive a major restyling in the next year, evolving into a style-focused Coupé SUV.

According to automotive news site Auto Express, Peugeot is planning a major overhaul for the next generation 3008. When it arrives in 2024, the French manufacturer’s midsize crossover could turn into a style-focused Coupe SUV.

Peugeot 3008 2024 Redesign

According to the same source, Peugeot’s chief designer Gilles Vidal announced that the next 3008’s styling will be focused on sportiness.

If we want to believe the image, the future Peugeot 3008 2024 can develop into a more elegant coupe form, the roofline will give it a more aggressive look, even at the expense of space in the rear.

The third-generation Peugeot 3008 2024 is expected to be one of the PSA models based on the new EMP2 platform.

Dubbed the EMP2 V4, this architecture will continue to support the combustion engine, but will also be compatible with pure electric and 48 V light hybrid technology.

As a result, the new EMP2 V4 platform will allow Peugeot to maintain the flexibility of a plug-in hybrid powertrain in the 3008 range.

Regarding the engine that will power the next 3008, it is very likely that the PureTech 1.2 liter PSA three-cylinder petrol engine lineup will debut in the next model of the group, suddenly, one of them will finally find its place in the new 3008 chassis.

Following Emmanuel Macron’s announcement, PSA launched its plans for relocation and electrification, while resurrecting the future Peugeot 3008 2024.

PSA, through Carlos Tavares, reacted quickly to the support plan for the auto sector presented on Tuesday, 26 May by Emmanuel Macron (8 billion euros in aid, the ecological bonus increased to 7,000 € for electricity, a bonus return of 2,000 euros for plug-hybrid hybrids. ins, extended conversion bonuses, etc.).

The Chairman of the Group Management Board was pleased with the announced action. “We welcome the purchase incentive system which should promote an energy transition with assistance intended to increase the market share of electric vehicles and to accelerate the renewal of older vehicles with better vehicles,” he added. he declared.

The new Peugeot 3008 2024

Most importantly, PSA took the opportunity to announce that the next and third generation Peugeot 3008 will be produced at Sochaux, in the Doubs (25), starting in 2024 and will be available in a new 100% electric version.

“A new generation of powered platforms will be industrialized at the Sochaux site by 2024 to produce the next-generation Peugeot 3008 2024 there,” the company said. The electrified platform will be “able to accommodate thermal, electric and hybrid versions,” the manufacturer added.

“Production of 100% electric models is a first at the Sochaux site,” said a spokesman for the site where the Peugeot 308, 3008 and 5008 are now assembled by more than 7,000 employees. and Opel Grandland X.

400 million euros were invested for electrification

At the same time, PSA also announced an investment of “more than 400 million euros in production capacity for future electric traction chains on its French site”.

Accordingly, the group will produce in France from 2024 “mechanical parts currently sourced in Asia. Thus, the electric motor will be produced by a joint venture with Nidec Leroy Sommer in Trémery and the E-DCT gearbox in Metz by a joint venture. electronic transmission Punch Powertrain PSA. “, the company said.

“Other components are or will soon be produced in France, such as casings for electric engines in Charleville, reducers in Valenciennes, as well as trash bins and battery packs at the Group’s terminal plants in Poissy, Sochaux, Rennes and Mulhouse,” added PSA.

PSA for battery gigafactory

Finally, thanks to the support of French public authorities and in partnership with Total Group, the group plans to relocate battery production from China to a French gig factory, with a total investment in France of around 2 billion euros.

This announcement comes just in time or Renault is preparing to announce a massive austerity plan that will lead to the closure of several factories in France.

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