Toyota 2JZ Engine Review Specs, Service & Tuning

Toyota 2JZ Engine Specs Review Problems Reliability

A subsidiary of Toyota’s produced 2JZ engine for sixteen years ( 1991 – 2007 g). This three-liter, six-cylinder inline was designed for rear-wheel drive models such as the Mark 2, Crown, Supra, Lexus IS and Lexus GS, the internal combustion … .

Toyota 22R Engine Review History, Specs, Features

Toyota 22R Engine Specs Review Problems Reliability

The 22R engine was the successor to the 2.2-liter 20R. The 20R, 22R and 22RE have been hugely popular with Toyota owners in North America for their workhorse reliability and reasonable power packaged in narrow four-cylinder blocks. In 1985, the … .

Nissan Navara Review, History, Engine Specs

Nissan Navara Problems Reliability Review Specs

The second generation of Nissan Navara (Nissan Frontier in the US) was presented in 2004 at the Detroit auto show. The car was constructed on the basis of the F-Alpha platform, and its styling was inspired by the slightly larger … .

Cooling System Failures And Problems – How To Fix it?

Cooling System Failures Problems Fix Solutions

The liquid cooling system, as you already know, is relatively simple, so typical faults are simple. These are usually mechanical failures, but not always. Last week, we presented the construction and operation of a typical liquid engine cooling system. Today … .

Gearbox Transmission Repair, How Much Does it Cost?

Gearbox Transmission Repair Cost

The gearbox is one of the key design elements of most motor vehicles. Responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels and changing the rotational speed. Its mechanical condition depends on the operating conditions and service care. Gearbox … .