How to Drive a Turbocharged Engine Correctly?

Drive Turbocharged Engine

Turbines are currently installed in almost all cars, from the mid-price segment. However, not all drivers know how to operate a turbocharged engine properly so that it can last long. Because of this, there is a “myth” among drivers that … .

1.6 HDi Engine Full Complete Reviews

1.6 HDi Engine Problems Reliability Reviews

This article will focus on the 1.6 HDi turbodiesel engine. This power unit is very broad and is found in at least eight different car brands. Hence, it is known by various markets and domestic designations. To cover them all … .

Mercedes M111 Engine 2.0L Full Complete Reviews

Mercedes M111 Engine Problems And Reliability

The Mercedes M111 engine is an in-line four with a volume of 1.8 to 2.3 liters. This engine appeared in 1992 and was produced until 2006.Thus, their debut took place at the Mercedes W124. The newest Mercedes with this engine … .

Toyota 1JZ Engine Reviews, Maintenance, Oil Change

1JZ-GTE Engine Problems Reliability Reviews Specs

Toyota’s Japanese car engines have always been famous because they combine the use of modern technology, ease of maintenance and good performance. The first generation power unit with the 1JZ index was a six-cylinder inline engine having a volume of … .