Opel Insignia GSI 2021 Review Specs, Exterior & Price

Until now, the Opel Insignia GSI 2021 has only been offered with a diesel engine. The 260 HP petrol version presented several months ago did not meet exhaust emission standards and was withdrawn from showrooms shortly after its premiere. Now it’s back – the more economical and environmentally friendly Insignia GSI (2020).

Opel Insignia GSI 2021 Review Specs Exterior Price


The Opel Insignia GSI 2021 differs from the standard Insignia model after a facelift with a renovated bumper, a dual-end exhaust system, a doorway, special rims and an aerodynamic package. The Insignia GSI will be available in two body models – Grand Sport (liftback) and Sports Tourer (station wagon).


Adapting the model to European standards required German engineers to make major modifications to the power unit. The cylinder discharge system has emerged, while the 9-speed automatic transmission is in charge of power transmission.

The Insignia GSI 2021, however, doesn’t have 260 horsepower, but 230 horsepower and 350 Nm of maximum torque. This power allows you to accelerate to the first hundred in 7.4 seconds (liftback) or 7.6 seconds (station wagon). The top speed is electronically limited to 237 km / h and 235 km / h, respectively. The diesel version has been removed entirely from offerings.


Opel Insignia GSI 2021 priced at $ 53,000 (liftback version). For the more practical Sports Tourer variant, we had to pay $ 54,500.

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