Opel Corsa D Review, Engine Specs And History

The Opel Corsa D is an attractive proposition for people looking for an economical city car with an attractive design. In 2006, the fourth generation of this model appeared on the market, marked with the letter “D”.

Opel Corsa D Engine Specs Reviews Problems Reliability

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Corsa D History

This revolutionary model continues the new style initiated by Astra. The car is built on the same floor slabs as the Fiat Grande Punto. A year after its premiere, a sports version of the OPC appeared in the offering, and in 2011 the Opel Corsa D was modernized.

Corsa D Specs

If segment B then only front drive. This principle has been followed for many years by many manufacturers. This car is available in the market in a 3 or 5 door hatchback body version. Any of the following machines can work under the hood:

Corsa D Engine

  • R3 12V 1.0 (60 HP)
  • R4 16V 1.2 (80 HP)
  • R4 16V 1.4 (90 HP)
  • R4 16V 1.6 (192 HP) OPC
  • R4 16V 1.3 CDTI (75 PS)
  • R4 16V 1.3 CDTI (90 PS)
  • R4 16V 1.7 CDTI (125 PS)

Opel Corsa D Problems & Reliability

For those who decide to buy a petrol engine, I recommend the 1.2 liter and 1.4 liter Ecotec Twinport. However, if you are one of the drivers who want to exceed the speed limit, you should choose the OPC 192 HP version, given the high fuel consumption of the 1.6 liter engine. We advise those who are economical to choose the 1.7 liter CDTI manufactured by the Japanese brand Isuzu. We don’t recommend buying the slightly smaller 1.3 liter engine from Fiat.

Italian engines do not pose a big problem if we maintain the oil level properly. Unfortunately, a common mistake in cars with this engine is coolant leakage from under the thermostat housing, and a low level can cause the engine cylinder head to burst. What other failures may occur during operation of the Opel Corsa D? In suspension, elements such as stabilizer pins or links are often worn prematurely, which is fortunately cheap to buy.

Some models have also damaged the steering system module and its joints. Corsa users also complain about overheating of the brake discs, a symptom of which is that the car shakes when braking at high speed. A clogged diesel particulate filter is the bane of drivers using Corsa diesel engines for short distances. Many cars also face the problem of non-durable wheel bearings.

Sometimes valve lifters can fail petrol engine, but this problem occurs somewhat sporadically. In gasoline engines, damage to the ignition rod can occur. Even relatively young vehicles can experience cracked paint and even rust. The downside of the Corsa D is also the interior which is finished with mediocre quality materials.


Pilling fabric on the seats, flakes of chrome paint on the interior door handles, squeaky door locks, cracked plastic on the dashboard, and chipping sponges on the front seats are the most common deficiencies in this Corsa D. The cheapest ones can be found on the market for around $ 4,500.

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