Most Reliable Toyota Engines Ever Made Of All Time

Toyota has long been a guarantor of quality and reliability. Reliable Toyota engines have already become famous all over the world.

Perhaps every person has already heard about their ability to drive more than 1 million kilometers without thorough repairs.

But during its history, the carmaker managed to release a huge number of different engines, and not every one of them was made successfully. This ranking identifies the best Toyota engines.

When evaluating them, such indicators were taken into account as: the mileage that the internal combustion engine passes without a thorough overhaul, ease of maintenance, opportunities for tuning and, of course, power.

Therefore, the article presents not only the most reliable Toyota engines, but also the most powerful ones.

This Toyota engine review doesn’t take into account the problems arising from poor maintenance. Only situations in which the driver takes good care of his vehicle will be considered.

List Of Most Reliable, Powerfull and Best Toyota Engine

  1. 1JZ-GE Engine
  2. 2JZ-GTE Engine
  3. 1UZ-FE Engine
  4. 3S-GTE Engine
  5. 2ZZ-GE Engine

1. 1JZ-GE Problems And Reliability

The 1JZ-GE is a true reliable Toyota engine legend, developed in 1990. It was the first engine in the JZ lineup, which is now used not only in conventional cars, but also in motorsport.

The 1JZ-GE has established itself as a reliable engine using the latest technology of its time. At the same time, it is a very powerful and easy to operate unit.

This engine was installed on: Mark II, Cresta, Crown, Chaser and Progres.

1JZ-GE consists of 24 valves and has a volume of 2.5 liters. Engine power reaches 200 horsepower at 6000 rpm. The fuel compression ratio is 10.0.

Engines produced in 2 generations. In the first generation, it had distributor ignition, in the second, the engineers installed the VVT-i reel-to-reel valve timing system.

This increases the power of the 2nd generation by 20 hp. compared to the former, it also reduces the amount of exhaust gas. The first generation was produced in 1990-1996, the second generation is older, 1996 to 2007.

The 1JZ-GE engine worked well on gasoline 92 and 95, but from 98, problems started, the engine started to get worse, although productivity increased.

With proper maintenance, an overhaul of the engine will not take up to 400 thousand km. Consumption averages 11 liters per 100 km in the city.

2. 2JZ-GTE Problems And Reliability

The 2JZ-GTE is another legendary reliable Toyota engine. It is considered to be one of Toyota’s most powerful engines. This motor consists of 2 intercooled turbines, 6 straight cylinders and two camshafts.

The 2JZ is similar to the 3S-GTE in that they both have a cast iron cylinder block and an aluminum head. The engine was produced in 1991-2002 only in Japan.

Initially the engine was installed in the Toyota Arista V, but later it was also installed in the Toyota Supra RZ.

The 3 liter engine produces 321 horsepower at 5600 rpm. 2JZ-GTE easily reaches 400 thousand kilometers, and with good service it can cover more than 600 thousand kilometers.

2JZ engine of lines is slightly different from their younger brother from the line 1JZ in case of shortage. The engine is also a trolley and over time the engine has a large oil intake.

But in general, if you follow the engine, then there will be no problem with it and will confidently go 500 thousand kilometers without a complete overhaul.

3. 1UZ-FE Problems And Reliability

The 1UZ-FE is a reliable Toyota engine with 4-liter for the Toyota Celsior, later fitted to the Crown, Aristo, Soarer and 2 other cars from the Lexus lineup.

Toyota engineers modified the 1UZ twice to reduce weight and increase horsepower. They succeeded, because the newest engine of the line was slightly superior to its predecessors in almost every respect.

Since the 1UZ-FE engine has undergone two revisions, its technical characteristics will depend on its specific modification. But if you look, in general, this is an 8-cylinder engine, the horsepower of which varies from 256 to 290, depending on the modifications.

The fuel compression ratio can also be from 10.0 to 10.5. The mileage with proper care is at least 500,000 km.

Despite the large engine capacity, the fuel consumption looks quite economical, 7-9 liters per 100 km for the highway and 14-16 liters for the city.

With proper maintenance, the engine will serve the driver for a long time. Timing and timely replacement of spark plugs, high quality oil and use of genuine components will push the repair lid for a long time.

It is difficult to find deficiencies in 1UZ-FE, often it is related to engine age or improper maintenance.

Perhaps the only drawback of the engine is that the owner will have to refuel at least 95 petrol, but in the future this will pay off with interest, because thanks to high-quality fuel the engine will last a long time.

4. 3S-GTE Problems And Reliability

The 3S-GTE was one of the most reliable Toyota engine with turbocharged of 1990. Toyota engineers equipped it with a turbocharger.

This engine was developed on the basis of 3S-GE, so it has similar advantages, but at the same time the company is able to eliminate all the shortcomings of its predecessor.

The engines were installed on the Celica and MR-2 through 1999 and Caldina until 2007.

It differs from modern 3S-GTE engines especially in the cast iron cylinder block. Now such people don’t do it anymore, because it is not profitable.

Thanks to its aluminum block and head, designed by Yamaha engineers, the engine remains popular on the market to this day.

It should be noted that the 3S-GTE was produced in 4 generations. The first generation was very unsuccessful because of the 8 valve motor.

Then the engineers installed 16 valves and experimented in every possible way with the type of turbine, fuel compression ratio, etc. This is because the technical characteristics of the engines vary.

But if you are average, then the 2 liter engine has 225 to 260 horses at 6 thousand rpm. Average engine consumption in cities varies by about 9 liters. 100 km, which is an incredible result.

5. 2ZZ-GE Problems And Reliability

The 2ZZ-GE is most reliable Toyota engine. This petrol unit has become one of the most common engines of the early 21st century. It’s no coincidence that he gained this popularity.

The first reason is its technical characteristics. The 2ZZ-GE ranges from 169 to 240 horsepower and has a very high compression ratio of 11.5: 1.

The distinctive feature of the engines at that time was to produce high power with low fuel consumption, the 1.8 liter engine from Toyota was no exception.

Engines on popular Toyota cars such as: Celica, Corolla and Lotus Elise.

The motor is very popular in the Japanese and American markets, but in Europe, reviews about it are quite controversial.

It’s all about fuel and oil quality. If in the states and in Japan refueling with 98 petrol is commonplace, then for most Europeans it is an unaffordable luxury.

For many, 92 petrol might also be suitable, but unfortunately, for the 2ZZ-GE to last up to at least 500,000 mileage, you need to fill up at least 95.

It is worth highlighting the problems of the engine, because they are quite significant.

  • The engine is very sensitive to fuel quality.
  • Sticky piston rings and high oil consumption.
  • Engines run loudly and clash frequently. The problem can be solved by changing the time chain.

In order to extend the life of the engine, apart from refueling high-quality fuel, it is recommended to replace the lifting bolts every 50 thousand km.


That was the list of the most reliable Toyota engines, to increase power, you can read a few tips below:

  • For 1JZ-GE tuning, just plug in the Walbro 255 pump, buy a Blitz brain, intercooler and blu-off, this will increase the power to 50 hp.
  • At 2JZ, you can easily increase its power via tuning. Simply by placing a large radiator and intercooler, you can also place the pump from the Supra and change the nozzle to 550s. Thus, its power can grow to 450 hp, but it should be noted that consumption will increase rapidly.
  • For the 1UZ-FE, the first step is to install a compressor based on the Eaton M90. You will also need to purchase a direct flow exhaust. Then the motor will be able to develop power up to 330 hp. This tuning method is most popular among Toyota lovers. If you want more power in the engine, then you can install new pistons, connecting rods, nozzles and studs. Then the engine power can reach 400 hp.
  • The 3S-GTE is great for tuning. To begin with, it is a good idea to polish the cylinder head, then make the exhaust flow directly on the 63mm pipe. This will give a 20% power boost. For further improvement, you need to put the shaft with a maximum lift and phase for 3 hundred and turn off the VVT-i. The result is a very powerful device.
  • It is believed that the engineers have survived almost the maximum of the 2ZZ-GE, so it is best not to try to adapt it. But if you really want, then you can perform a chip tuning and upgrade the turbine with a compressor.
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