In 1959 the British Motor Company introduced the Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor, a very small car with the engine across the front, 10-inch wheels at the outer corners and room for four. Not until 1962 were both called Mini, in 1969 Mini became the brand name and from 1988 it was called Rover Mini.

The Mini achieved iconic status worldwide, and in 1999 the original Mini was voted one of the most influential cars of the twentieth century, after the Ford Model T and ahead of the Volkswagen Beetle. Production of the Mini stopped in 2000, after 41 years of production and nearly 5.4 million units.

When BMW acquired the Rover Group in 1994, the Mini brand name was one of the most valuable parts of the English car manufacturer’s bankrupt estate. At the end of 2000, BMW introduced the New MINI, which has nothing in common with the classic Mini, but continues the iconic status of its adopted predecessor. In the meantime, MINI – in capital letters – has grown into a complete range and the MINI three-door together with its derivatives is now ready for the third generation. Since 2014, the three-door MINI has been produced at the VDL / NedCar factory in Born.

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