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MG has a history that goes back to the 1920s. The letters were for Morris Garages and the company started as a sales point and service address for Morris cars. In 1921 Cecil Kimber was hired as a sales manager. In 1922 he had already been promoted to general manager. In order to increase the sales of Morris Garages, own versions of the Morris models were released under his leadership. In 1924 the MG Motor Car Company Ltd. established for the production of own cars.

In the decades that followed, MG managed to build a name for itself as a manufacturer of sports cars. The brand has purebred sports cars, but also sporty compact sedans and eventually hatchbacks and station wagons. Over the years, the brand regularly changes hands. In the 1950s it came into the hands of the British Motor Corporation, in 1990 Austin Rover took over and that eventually became the MG Rover Group. Then we even skip a number of steps, regardless of the fact that the Rover groups in turn come into the hands of BMW.

Around the year 2000, things are not going so well. The range of models is being thinned out and consists mainly of sporty Rovers with a different logo. BMW sold the Rover Group that year and car production came to a complete standstill in 2005. The Chinese Nanjing Automobile Group eventually buys the trademark rights. From this arises the new and current company MG Motor. That comes in 2011 with the MG 6, a mid-range liftback. More models will follow, with which the brand is mainly active in China and the United Kingdom.

In 2019 there are major expansion plans. The rest of Europe must be conquered and the brand will do so by only supplying its current and future fully electrically powered models here. In the future, other ‘alternative’ drive types may be added, such as hydrogen. In other words, ‘new-energy models’, as MG calls it. Fuel-engined versions are reserved for the United Kingdom.

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