2024 Mercedes GLB: Great New Product From Germany Automobil

Not long after Mercedes fans moved away from the recently updated GLA premiere, when Germany released a restyling for its brother, 2024 Mercedes GLB. This small SUV also includes many branded solutions from Mercedes, which makes it very stylish in appearance and also comfortable inside.

2022 Mercedes GLB Front Bumper

Car enthusiasts will be pleased with the fact that the characteristics of the 2024 Mercedes GLB will also be stronger than its predecessor, so that the car will feel better in the city, on the highway, and on cross-country roads.


As you can see in the photo, the new 2024 Mercedes GLB body doesn’t look like one of the first options among crossovers in the company lineup. The car stands out with a large number of diverse decorations, which have been transferred here from other brand representatives. In addition, this new model offers its own original development, making its appearance more stylish and attractive.

2022 Mercedes GLB SUV Concept

The front of the car is not too big. However, it is made in the best tradition of SUVs. The snout is located at a reasonable height, and also has almost no slope. True, this has no effect on visibility, so even people who are not too tall will still feel comfortable driving a car.

Like most company cars, the hood, where it all started, will receive a few lines along the lid, protruding slightly outward. Furthermore, the front can boast of the presence of a large air intake, which has an almost rectangular shape.

Inside are several horizontal lines, which, like the Mercedes brand icon in the middle, are painted with chrome. The remaining space in the air intake is provided for fine mesh. On the side of this design, you can see large lights that look pretty solid. In the basic configuration, they will receive xenon charging, and already in the advanced version they will be filled with LED lights.

Also a lot of space is allocated under the body kit. It will receive a lot of help such as light waves, as well as details such as license plates, square-shaped niches on the side, including black plastic inserts and round fog lamps, and additional inlet air is framed by a black line at the top and chrome diffuser at the bottom. The perimeter body kit is protected by an unpainted plastic coating.

2022 Mercedes GLB SUV Exterior

On the side, this car looks like a typical solid SUV. From above, you can observe a traditional strip consisting of windows, which are always framed by thin chrome lines, and inside are divided into sections by pseudo-columns made of black gloss. Also the almost black oval rearview mirror comes with black, supplemented by an additional repeater of the turn signal.

In the main part of the profile you can observe the door handles made by chrome and wave-like transitions. The underside of the body will include a nearly square wheel arch, wide sill and protective layer of unpainted plastic, with which all of these details will be completed.

2022 Mercedes GLB Reviews

The 2024 Mercedes GLB looks terrible from behind. This machine part has almost no slope and is square in shape. It all starts here with the visor slightly tilted, where there is also a stop signal line. Next is the window of a large truck bed.

On the main part of the door, you can see interesting shapes of dimensional signals that take quite a large size, many relief transitions, and also the chrome nameplate. A large body kit appears here, which is slightly protruding. It features a chrome diffuser, fog lights, a pair of exhaust pipes and lots of unpainted plastic which plays a protective role.

2024 Mercedes GLB Colors

This is the color options available for 2024 Mercedes GLB, check the colors list below:

  • Polar White
  • Night Black
  • Digital White Metallic
  • Cosmos Black Metallic
  • Iridium Silver Metallic
  • Mountain Gray Metallic
  • Mojave Silver Metallic
  • Denim Blue Metallic
  • Galaxy Blue Metallic
  • Patagonia Red Metallic


In the best tradition of the German brand, the new 2024 Mercedes GLB model will be executed inside. For finishing machines, genuine leather, several types of fabric, plastic and high-quality metal are used here. Even in a basic configuration, buyers can rely on sophisticated multimedia complexes, striking with a number of available options.

2022 Mercedes GLB Interior

Traditionally, on the dashboard, the most important element is the long display, divided into two parts. Following it were three large round deflectors, painted black. The center console design is being equipped with a strip, which consists of several analog buttons which are responsible for managing climate options. There are many useful things in the tunnel. It consists of several organizers of various types, technical panels, as well as large armrests, in which there are also cooled glove boxes.

From five to seven people can simultaneously be in the car. Each seat will be made here with genuine leather, and they provide a high level of comfort due to heating and position adjustment with the help of electric propulsion, as well as lateral support, climate control for the second row and other options.


2024 Mercedes GLB will be offered with a pair of gasoline and diesel engines. The first is the 1.3 liter unit, which returns about 163 horsepower, as well as a two liter engine that can provide 224 power. The diesel options are all two liters.

2022 Mercedes GLB Diesel Engine

Their strength is 150 or 190 troops. The drive of the car can be either front or full wheels, and an automatic engine that functions in the range of seven or eight is always offered as a transmission. The drive test of the machine shows that it is universal and fits all tasks.

2024 Mercedes GLB Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Options and The Prices ?

The price of a 2024 Mercedes GLB will vary from $ 35,000 (estimated).

When Starting From Sales in The United States ?

The release date 2024 Mercedes GLB in the United States is set in the summer of 2024.

What Are The Competitors ?

Even so, 2024 Mercedes GLB the main competitors of the car are the BMW X2 and Audi Q3.

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