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The New Zealand racing driver and manufacturer Bruce McLaren is the namesake of this car brand, which was founded in 1963.

McLaren in Formula 1

In May 1966, the first McLaren Formula 1 car debuted in the Monaco Grand Prix. In 1970, McLaren was killed in a training accident. However, the Formula 1 racing stable and other racing activities continued.

In 1981 Ron Dennis, a former mechanic in the Formula 1 team, took the helm of McLaren. The team has been extremely successful and has been wholesaling F1 titles. McLaren was one of the first stables to experiment with carbon fiber composite materials.

In 1989 McLaren Cars was founded and development of the F1 began, which appeared in 1991. The carbon fiber body structure of this supercar with a BMW V12 engine took about three thousand hours to manufacture, according to the McLaren website. For the structure of the current 650S, that’s only four hours! Around 1999, McLaren collaborated with Mercedes-Benz. This resulted in the SLR McLaren and Mercedes became the engine supplier for the McLaren Formula 1 team. Since 2010, the car manufacturer has been officially called McLaren Automotive and produces its own cars with proprietary engines.

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