The Most Common BMW M54B30 Engine Problems

Gasoline engine with an exact volume of 2979 cubic centimeters. Produced since 2000. The M54B30 engine has an in-line structure with 6 cylinders made of aluminum. The diameter of each is 84 mm.

The M54B30 engine has 24 valves, an injection system. The piston stroke, in comparison with the previous version, has been increased to 89.6 millimeters. The compression ratio remains the same – 10.2 to 1.

The engine has a capacity of 231 horsepower. It is recommended to fill with 95 fuel. The engine meets environmental standards Euro 3 – 4. The torque is 300 Nm. The mass of the engine is about 130 kilograms.

The average consumption on the highway is 7 liters per 100 kilometers, in the city about 14 liters, in mixed mode the M54B30 engine consumes up to 9.8 liters.

For 1 thousand kilometers, the M54B30 engine can consume up to 1000 grams of oil. The engine holds up to 6.5 liters of oil. Replacement is required to be made every 10 thousand kilometers. The engine is running at 95 degrees.

The resource of the motor, in comparison with the previous version, is more, it is about 300 thousand kilometers. With tuning, it will be possible to increase engine power to 450 horsepower.

This engine is installed on the following models:

  • BMW 3 Series (E46)
  • BMW 5 Series (E61)
  • BMW 5 Series (E60)
  • BMW 5 Series (E39)
  • BMW 7 Series (E65)
  • BMW X3 (E83)
  • BMW X5 (E53)
  • BMW Z4 (E85)

M54B30 engine specifications

Power, hp231
Fuel typeGasoline AI-95
Volume, cm*32979
Maximum torque, N * m (kg * m) at rpm.245 (25) / 3500; 300 (31) / 3500
Fuel consumption, l/100 km8.9 – 17.5
engine’s typeIn-line, 6-cylinder
CO2 emissions, g/km215 – 263
Cylinder diameter, mm84
Number of valves per cylinder4
Maximum power, hp (kW) at rpm231 (170) / 5900
Compression ratio10.5
Piston stroke, mm81.2 – 89.6

M54B30 Advantages

The senior engine from the line in the M54. The M52B28TU was taken as the basis. The cylinder block is made of aluminium. Cast iron sleeves are used. The crankshaft is made of steel, has a stroke of 89.6 millimeters.

Connecting rods with a length of 135 millimeters are also used. The changes also affected the pistons, which have less weight. Its height is 28.32 millimeters.

The cylinder head remains the same, a double vanos with DISA is used. From the old versions of the M54, the difference lies in the short channels.

The changes affected the camshaft, with a rise of 9.7 millimeters. An electronic throttle is used. Simin MS45 acts as a control system. This type of motor was used for cars with an index of 30i.

In 2004, BMW released a new in-line engine, which took a leading position. In 2006, production of the M54B30 ceased.

Most Common M54B30 Engine Problems

The M54B30 has the disadvantages of most engine models before 2006 from BMW:

  • The engine is burning oil. The problem is the rapid failure of the piston rings. The solution to the problem is to replace this element. You also need to check the condition of the crankcase valve. Increased oil consumption can be caused by it;
  • Inline six-cylinder engines from BMW are notorious for overheating. If there are signs of exceeding the temperature regime, it is necessary to clean the radiator, get rid of air in the cooling system, check the condition of the thermostat and radiator cap;
  • Coked hydraulic lifters lead to misfiring. To solve the problem, you need to buy new ones;
  • Due to problems in the oil cup or oil pump, the oiler starts to burn. The likely cause is the camshaft sensors. The problem is also explained by the low resource of the engine.

Chip tuning

The M54B30 engine initially has good power, it will not require major modifications. The standard tuning scheme is the acquisition of sports camshafts with a higher lift, providing a cold air intake, as well as an exhaust with an exhaust manifold. This will increase the power to 270 horsepower. For movement in urban conditions, this will be more than enough.

Those who do not have enough 270 horses should purchase forged pistons for a higher compression ratio, camshafts with a phase of 280 are also recommended. It will be possible to increase the power by acquiring a whale compressor from G-Power. Superchargers will allow you to reach 350 horsepower. Standard connecting rods can handle 400 horses. To use more advanced kits, you will need to purchase forged pistons. Stock strength will not be enough.

A common type of M54B30 tuning is to install a Garren GT 30 kit. Such packages include an improved oil drain, a boost sensor, an intercooler, piping, upgraded injectors and more. It will be possible to achieve power from 400 horsepower and above. For this, stock pistons from BMW will be enough.

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