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The Netherlands has a new car brand and again from Eindhoven: Lightyear. This still young brand was founded in 2017, with the aim of bringing a fully electrically powered car with solar cell technology to the market. That car should not become a city cart, but a real family car.

Solar car Stella

The origins of Lightyear can be traced back to the Technical University of Eindhoven. An ambitious student team first made famous solar car Stella and then developed the Stella Lux. Both futuristic solar cars as we know them from the World Solar Challenge in Australia. One important difference: the Stella’s has room for several occupants, making them the first solar-powered family cars with a little imagination. The Stella Lux is even allowed to drive on public roads in the Netherlands.

Lightyear One

The student team wanted to go a step further: a serious production version of the Stella, or at least a production model with the same idea. It wants to develop a fully electric production car that does not depend on charging infrastructure. The Lightyear brand was founded and the first production car was to be called One.

We always have to wait and see what will actually turn out of such projects, but Lightyear seems to be on the right track. Even before there was even a final design, the brand already sold two copies, it works together with an Italian design house and in 2019 the brand was able to present a production model. Now actually starting up production.

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