2024 Lexus LBX Colors Exterior And Interior

The 2024 Lexus LBX is a car that has never been seen before in the brand’s lineup. The expansion of the name – Lexus Breakthrough Crossover, meaning the breakthrough cross of Lexus – means that the highest quality craftsmanship and true luxury will now be available in an entirely new segment. This new model will only be available with hybrid drive and will play a key role for the brand in the European market.

“Our goal was to create a car that transcends the premium class, with its compact size. We want the driver to experience a natural driving experience with an elegant design,” said Kunihikio Endoh, Chief Engineer for the Lexus LBX. LBX’s unique character is emphasized by its three-letter name. Previously, only one model was designated in this way – the LFA supercar.

The 2024 Lexus LBX is eye-catching with its styling, especially the front fascia design. The car has the most compact dimensions in the brand’s lineup, but looks stylish and muscular. The interior is designed according to the Tazuna concept, ensuring excellent visibility.

With the LBX, Lexus also changed its approach to creating various trim levels. The car must adapt to the lifestyle of its users. Therefore, each of the versions differs from each other not in the number of available options. They differ mainly in interior finishing with various characters (dynamic, sporty or elegant and calm) through the materials, colors and details used. To provide customers with more customization opportunities, Lexus will launch the Lexus Bespoke Build program. This will allow you to customize the interior elements according to your own vision.

“The LBX is the smallest crossover in the Lexus range. The car was created with Europeans in mind, and Poland will be one of the biggest markets for this car. LBX gives you the opportunity to reach a new group of customers, including people who have not considered Lexus before. The pre-production LBX cars will be on display during special events at Lexus showrooms across Poland over the summer. The first ordered cars will reach customers at the turn of February and March 2024, ”said Patryk Ładusiak, Product Manager at Lexus Central Europe.

2024 Lexus LBX Specifications

  • Dimensions: length 4190 mm, width 1825 mm, height 1545 mm
  • Curb weight: 1280 kg
  • Boot volume: 332 liters
  • Retractable weight (without brake): 750 kg
  • Engine: 1.5L, 3 cylinder combustion engine
  • Transmission: E-CVT
  • Total system power: 100 kW/136 hp
  • Acceleration (0-100 km/h): 9.2 seconds
  • Circumference: 10.4 m

2024 Lexus LBX Exterior design

The most distinctive element of the new crossover is the front end with the “broken” grille. “We have developed the shape that became the hallmark of Lexus cars in previous decades. We have created something completely new and instantly recognizable as a Lexus,” said Koichi Suga, General Manager of Lexus Design.

The grille on the Lexus LBX is a single trapezoidal shape and is located under a narrow opening that connects the headlamps under the edge of the bonnet. The frameless grille lends dynamic shape to the entire front end, giving the car a road-holding feel. The grille has also been designed for the best aerodynamic properties and facilitates airflow around the car. The shape of the new headlamps will be another hallmark of the LBX. The direction indicators and daytime running lights are operated by the same module. The signature “L” motif has been reversed and is facing outward. To give the car a sportier profile, the hood has been lengthened and the A-pillars have been moved. The widened fenders have a strong look and accentuate the large 18-inch wheels.

The license plate holder is located on the bumper to accommodate LEXUS branding on the tailgate. The car also has a distinctive L-shaped light bar with turn signals and reverse lights in a very muted look. The Lexus LBX is 4,190 mm long, 1,825 mm wide and 1,545 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,580 mm. The low-slung hood, flattened side moldings, unique rear roof spoiler and precision-engineered lighting enhance aerodynamics.

The Lexus LBX will be available in bright colors as well as a high-gloss sonic paint finish. The Emotion and Cool versions are available with a two-tone exterior paint scheme, where any paint is combined with a contrasting black roof.

2024 LBX Color Options

Here are some color choices for the 2024 Lexus LBX

  • Nebula Gray Pearl
  • Iridium
  • Nightfall Mica
  • Caviar
  • Matador Red Mica
  • Nori Green Pearl
  • Copper Crest
  • Ultra White
  • Grecian Water
  • Eminent White Pearl

New Lexus platforms

The LBX is the brand’s first model, built on a modified GA-B platform. This has been adapted to the needs of Lexus. This guarantees a low center of gravity, wide track, short overhangs and high body rigidity. Thanks to this, the car drives very confidently. This is the smallest car in the Lexus lineup. The driver feels comfortable and in control in line with the Lexus Driving Signature concept.

“We want to make the driver feel as comfortable as possible while driving. The LBX is agile because we take advantage of its light weight and small size. In addition, we are more focused on improving the basic characteristics of the car without relying on electronic controls,” explained chief engineer Endoh.

The body is reinforced with structural adhesives and high-density laser spot welding, as well as strategically placed stiffeners and reinforcement. At the same time, the weight of the vehicle is reduced thanks to the use of lightweight materials. Aluminum bonnet and molded resin wheel arches, sills, and lower door panels were used. Strong, yet lightweight, hot-stamped material is used in the B-pillar and bumper reinforcement.

The front and rear suspensions have been adapted for high rigidity and low body weight. As a result, the LBX combines agility, great steering feel with ultimate comfort. Each LBX version has a MacPherson stand on the front. On front-wheel drive cars, the rear suspension consists of a torsion beam, and on the 4×4 version double wishbones are used.

The brakes feature Vehicle Braking Posture Control, which automatically adjusts braking force between front and rear to reduce body drop. The system also reduces body roll when cornering and reduces vibration.

New generation of hybrid drives

The Lexus LBX will be the brand’s first model to use a next-generation hybrid powertrain. Using a compact and lightweight three-cylinder 1.5-liter engine, the main components of the hybrid system, including the transmission and control units, have been redesigned. This is done to increase efficiency, reduce energy loss, and reduce weight and dimensions.

The new hybrid drive is not only efficient, but also designed for performance and driving pleasure. The total power of this system is 136 hp/100 kW, and the maximum torque is 185 Nm.

The newly designed gearbox is smaller in size. A revised power control unit (PCU) has been mounted directly above the transmission, helping to give the LBX a lower bonnet outline. Additional space savings are provided by two electric motors on separate shafts, reducing the overall length of the driveline.

The car also features a powerful new bipolar nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery with low internal resistance. This supports the electric motor better and improves the car’s ability to drive in electric mode. Batteries are lighter in weight and dimensions, but are able to transfer more power more quickly. Thanks to this, the LBX accelerates more dynamically, like a battery electric car, while maintaining low fuel consumption. The new battery cooling system contributes to its high performance and reliability.

The Lexus LBX powertrain is also designed to be a pleasure to drive in the city and on winding country roads. Therefore, the response to pressing the accelerator pedal has been adjusted. The driving experience is also enhanced by the Hybrid System Control, which adapts engine sound to acceleration. Improved hybrid drive allows you to travel longer distances and at higher speeds in electric mode.

Smart four-wheel drive

Like an SUV, the LBX can be equipped with E-FOUR intelligent four-wheel drive. An auxiliary electric motor drives the rear axle. When starting, cornering or riding on low-grip surfaces, the system automatically directs power to the rear wheels. This helps maintain the stability of the vehicle.

The unique status of the LBX model is demonstrated by the lengths to which Lexus has gone to great lengths to reduce noise and vibration (NVH). The trim shaft is used to reduce unpleasant sounds in the cab by reducing engine vibration. Particular attention is paid to noise coming through the door. Therefore, soundproof plates were introduced which suppress high frequency sounds. At the same time, they also amplify low-frequency sounds, producing clear and pleasant sound.

To counteract vibrations and street noise coming through the roof, highly dampening sealing compounds are used in conjunction with soundproofing made of highly effective insulating materials. Additionally, sealing is used around the entire edge of the hood, and insulation and noise-absorbing sheets, linings, moldings and foam are used in key areas throughout the car. Strong damping structural adhesives have also been used to further dampen the LBX, which also increases the car’s overall rigidity.

Interior Design

When designing the interior of the Lexus LBX, a simple and elegant cabin was created that gives the impression of being inside a car from a higher segment. The keys to achieving this were good visibility and plenty of room, creating a distinctive center console and using easy-to-use on-board hardware. The LBX has been designed to give the driver excellent visibility from their seat. The contours of the bonnet and the shape and position of the A-pillars reduce the so-called “blind spots”, and facilitate precise driving of the car.

Commitment to the best quality can be seen in the selection of interior finishing materials. The car is available with semi-aniline leather seats. In addition, it can also optionally have a vegan interior. Using synthetic leather not only on the seats, but also on the door panels, steering wheel and gear lever. The LBX may also feature Tsuyusami inserts, which are created using a new multi-layer technique for a highly textured look that adds depth. This car also comes with interior lighting that accentuates the various elements of the cabin which are available in 50 colors arranged by theme.

The driver’s cockpit is based on the Tazuna concept, which was first used in the interior design of the Lexus NX. The most important switches, buttons and screens are positioned so that nothing distracts the driver from the road, and the operation of all functions is quick, intuitive and requires little movement of the hand or head. For this reason, the steering angle has been carefully chosen so that the car always feels in control when driving.

Displays and screens

The Lexus LBX is the brand’s first model with a 12.3-inch digital instrument in front of the driver. The layout of the displayed information changes depending on the selected driving mode. It can also be adjusted to the driver’s preferences. A head-up display on the windshield is also available as an option.

The large touch screen connects to the center console, which has cloth-covered sides. The console has two cup holders, storage space for small items and a USB port. In the front-wheel drive version, the luggage compartment has a capacity of 332 liters – enough room to fit two 75 liter suitcases under the folding lid.


The LBX features the latest generation Lexus Link Connect infotainment system with a 9.8-inch touchscreen, cloud-based navigation that provides real-time traffic information, and a Lexus Concierge voice assistant that responds to “Hey Lexus” and recognizes whether the driver or passenger is speaking to it.

Cars connect wirelessly or wired to smartphones using Apple CarPlay® and wired via Android Auto. The LBX, like other new Lexus cars, gives you the option of updating your multimedia and security systems over the air without having to visit an authorized dealer.

As an option, the car can be equipped with a sound system designed by Mark Levinson, Lexus’ exclusive partner. The premium audio system consists of 13 loudspeakers, including a subwoofer mounted on the trunk lid, so there is ample luggage space.

New trim concept

The LBX model range represents a completely new Lexus approach to trim levels, designed to better adapt models to customer lifestyles. In addition to the basic variant, the cars are divided into four thematic “scenes”, created with different audiences in mind. The Elegant and RelaX versions give an exclusive impression, while the Emotion and Cool versions have a more dynamic and sporty character.

From the outside, the Emotion and Cool versions are distinguished by two-tone body paint and 18-inch alloy wheels with machined finish. On the Elegant and RelaX versions, one paint covers the entire body, and the 18-inch alloy wheels are glossy.

The interior design also reveals which version we are dealing with. The LBX Emotion features perforated synthetic leather seats with red accents and contrast stitching on the seats, center console and door panels. The LBX Cool, the sportiest variant, has an interior made of eco-friendly Ultrasuede and leather in contrasting black and gray tones with copper-colored stitching and details.

A completely different mood prevails in the Elegant and RelaX versions. The LBX Elegant has synthetic leather in a soft Forest Brown or Ammonite Sand tone, which also covers the door panels, center console and dashboard. The RelaX version is available in semi-aniline leather in Saddle Tan or Black with bold Tatami stitching.

In addition to the four mood-inspired versions, the LBX also has a base version. Compared to its segment, it stands out with advanced technology available as standard, such as the latest version of the Lexus Safety System + safety system package. In addition, the basic version and the Emotion and Elegant variants can be equipped with an ecological interior that does not contain natural leather elements.

Options include a 12.3-inch digital driver’s cockpit, a head-up display on the windshield, a remote parking system, a Mark Levinson premium audio system, a nanoe X air cleaner system and a power tailgate.

Lexus Bespoke Build

New LBX buyers in select markets will be able to take advantage of the Lexus Bespoke Build car personalization service after the sales launch in 2024. This will allow you to create a custom-built interior.

This service allows you to change the color of the seat belt, the embroidered pattern of the lining, the color of the stitching or the decoration on the trim elements. The range of options available will include L-aniline leather – a prestigious leather previously only available on the flagship LS sedans in the Lexus lineup – and Ultrasuede suede in various color combinations.

Security system

The LBX features the full range of the latest generation of Lexus Safety System+ safety systems. Key features include the Collision Risk Early Response System (PCS) with Junction Turn Assist (ITA), Adaptive Cruise Control (DRCC), Sign Recognition (RSA) and Lane Keeping Assist (LKA). The Lexus LBX is also equipped with electronic door handles with SEA, Driver Monitor, intelligent parking sensors with braking function, Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) and Cross Traffic Alert with rear of the vehicle (RCTA).

As an option, the safety package can be expanded with Forward Crossing Traffic Alert (FCTA) and a 360 degree camera system (Panoramic View Monitor).

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