508PS 5.0 Supercharged Engine Land Rover And Jaguar

Land Rover 508PS Engine

The 508PS engine is a supercharged gasoline engine that is relevant even by today’s standards. Paired with a turbocharger, you can get a return of 510 forces and, most importantly, that the engine is in proper condition. 32 valves, dual … .

Engine Land Rover And Jaguar 508PN 5.0 TDV8

Land Rover Jaguar 508PN Engine

The 508PN is a 5L petrol engine. Since 2009, it has been installed on several models of the once British, and now owned by the Indian automaker Tata Motors, the Land Rover brand (for example, on the Discovery). Applicability of … .

Engine Land Rover And Jaguar 368DT 3.6 TDV8

Land Rover 368DT Engine

ICE 368DT from Jaguar, Land Rover today is a rare engine. The engine was quite uncommon, but at the same time its level of reliability confidently exceeded the closest V6 analogue. The 368DT engine uses 8 cylinders arranged in a … .

Land Rover, Opel, BMW M57D30 3.0L Diesel Engine

Land Rover, BMW, Opel M57D30 Engine

The M57D30 diesel engine was produced from 1998 to 2012. During this period, it was put on many BMW cars. In particular, this engine can be found under the hood of the BMW 3-Series E46, BMW 5-Series E39, BMW 7-Series … .

Land Rover Range Rover TDV6 And SDV6 30DDTX Engine

Land Rover 30DDTX Engine

The 30DDTX engine has been in production since 2009. It is put on cars of the Land Rover brand, which, as you know, is currently owned by the major Indian automaker Tata. In particular, 30DDTX can be seen under the … .