KIA 1.6 MPi G4FG Engine Specifications, Problems And Reliability

In 2010, Hyundai introduced another new 1.6-liter internal combustion engine from the Gamma series – the G4FG. It succeeded the G4FC and included such advanced systems as the Dual Cvvt. The motor was no longer assembled in Korea itself, but at a Chinese factory in Beijing.

Description of G4FG Engine

This is an in-line 4-cylinder power unit with a volume of 1.6 liters. It develops 121-132 hp. with., compression is 10.5 to 1. It feeds on ordinary AI-92 gasoline, but the fuel must be of high quality, without unnecessary impurities. Fuel consumption is normal: in the city, the engine drinks no more than 8 liters per 100 kilometers. On the highway, this figure is even lower – 4.8 liters.

Features of G4FG:

  • fuel injection – distributed MPI;
  • bc and cylinder head 80% aluminum;
  • intake manifold of two halves;
  • dohc camshaft system, 16 valves;
  • timing drive – chain, with hydraulic tensioners;
  • phase regulators – on both shafts, Dual Cvvt system.

The G4FG engine was installed on Solaris, Elantra 5, Rio 4 and other car models from Kia / Hyundai. Experts see this motor as easy to maintain, not often disturbing owners with breakdowns. Consumables for it are inexpensive, the indicator of the proportion of power and consumption is impressive.

However, in operation it resembles a diesel engine – it is noisy, regular adjustment of the valves is required. On supported internal combustion engines, vibrations in CO can be observed. Of the shortcomings, in the first place are problems with scuffing in the cylinders.

Number of cylinders4
Number of valves16
Exact volume1591 cm³
Supply systeminjector
Power121 – 132 HP
Torque150 – 163 Nm
Compression ratio10.5
Fuel typeAI-92
Environmental regulationsEuro 5
Cylinder diameter77 mm
piston stroke85.4 mm
Fuel consumption on the example of Hyundai Solaris 2017 with manual transmission, city/highway/mix, l/100 km8/4,8/6
What cars was installedSolaris 2; Elantra 5; i30 2; Crete 1; Elantra 6; i30 3; Rio 4; Soul 2; Ceed 2; Waxed 2
Add. engine informationGamma 1.6 MPI D-CVVT
CO2 emissions, g/km149 – 178


Consider the rules for servicing this engine.

  1. Oil must be changed every 15 thousand kilometers. If the engine is operated under loads, the replacement period must be reduced. It is necessary to fill in the lubricant in the amount of 3 liters, although the volume of lubricant in the system is 3.3 liters. The compositions 5W-30, 5W-40 have proven themselves best.
  2. Timing chain. The manufacturer indicates that chain replacement is not required throughout the life of the chain. However, it is not. In practice, the chain with its additional elements takes care of no more than 150 thousand kilometers.
  3. Valves, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, must be adjusted every 100 thousand kilometers. Thermal gaps should be adjusted by proper selection of pushers. The dimensions should be as follows: at the inlet – 0.20 mm, at the outlet – 0.25 mm.

Replacement of other consumables is carried out as follows:

  • after 15 thousand kilometers – VF or air filter;
  • after 30 thousand km – spark plugs;
  • after 60 thousand run – TF or fuel filters, additional belt;
  • through 120 thousand. km — coolant (antifreeze).

Oil system

It is noteworthy that the G4FG engine has a small oil system. Therefore, it gets dirty faster than on competing motors. The oil pump is rotary. It delivers a lot of oil inside, forming a powerful pressure even if the viscosity of the composition is low. So, the bypass valves maintain a pressure of 5 and a half bar with 5W-20 oil, and this is still at medium speeds. Of course, such an extreme feature negatively affects the quality of the oil – it begins to degrade quickly, because a large amount of clean lubricant periodically enters the system. This is the reason for the rapid deterioration of the properties of the lubricant.

The manufacturer recommends pouring Total HMC SFEO 5W-20 into the motor. There is even a cooperation agreement between Total and the Korean automaker. This oil is not sold at retail, only in bulk, in barrels. Although recently oil with the same properties has begun to come out, only under a different name. This is Mobis, which can be bought at retail.

The manufacturer sets the service interval for changing the oil at 15 thousand km. However, this period must be reduced if the engine is operated under load. The base number of the composition in many cases is planted already at the 6,000th run, and these are already the washing properties of the oil, its ability to neutralize acids. Therefore, an acidic environment begins to form in the internal combustion engine, which contributes to the formation of corrosion and harmful deposits.

Oil nameНyundai 05100-00451 (05100-00151) Premium LF Gasoline 5w-20
SpecificationAPI SM; ILSAC GF-4
StandardSAE 5W-20
Optimal viscosity at 100C8.52
Base number8,26 
Acid number1.62 
Sulphate ash content0.95 
pour point-36C
Flash point236S
Viscosity of imitation of cold scrolling by a starter at -30C5420
Evaporation masses NOACK (waste)9.2 
Sulfur content 0.334
Organic molybdenumcontained
Anti-wear additivesZDDP as zinc phosphorus
Detergent neutralizing additives based on calciumcontained

G4FG Engine Common faults

  • The main, typical malfunctions of this internal combustion engine are considered to be:
  • speed swimming – is solved by thorough cleaning of the VC;
  • the formation of oil stains around the perimeter of the valve cover – replacement of the sealing cuff;
  • whistle under the hood – replacement of the auxiliary belt or its competent stretch;
  • scuffs in bts – replacement of the catalyst, in which ceramic dust is collected.

In fact, the service life of G4FG is much longer than the one declared by the manufacturer at 180 thousand km. It is only necessary to timely replace consumables, fill in high-quality fuel and oil. The price for the G4FG contract engine varies between 40-120 thousand rubles. Abroad, it costs about 2.3 thousand euros.

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