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Iveco is an Italian commercial vehicle manufacturer that operates almost worldwide. The letters in the name stand for Industrial Vehicles Corporation. Iveco supplies commercial vehicles in the broadest sense of the word. From light vans to black trucks, from buses to army vehicles and everything in between. Today, Iveco is part of the CNH Industrial Group, which has its headquarters (among others) in the Netherlands.

Iveco history

Iveco’s history begins in 1975, when the company was created from the amalgamation of five other commercial vehicle brands. Fiat Veicoli Industriali, OM and Lancia Veicoli Speciali from Italy, the French Unic and the German Magirus-Deutz merge into one organization, but some of these names will still be visible on the company cars. For example, the Iveco Zeta, a light truck, introduced in 1977, is also supplied under most other brand names. The first Iveco van, the Daily, also appeared in 1978.

The Daily was also delivered as OM, but soon the other brands were definitively discontinued and only the Iveco brand name remained. Only the name Magirus has remained, specifically for Iveco’s fire truck division. In the meantime, Iveco has built up a good reputation as a manufacturer of all kinds of commercial vehicles. It currently supplies the Daily van in the Netherlands, the EuroCargo as a relatively small truck, the Stralis as a large truck and the Trakker as an off-road truck.

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