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Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury brand. The subsidiary brand was founded in 1989 for the North American market. In the early years the brand only supplied models that were in fact extra luxury versions of Nissan models. It competed with the premium sub-brands that Toyota and Honda carried in the US, namely Lexus and Acura.

In the 00s, the brand slowly began to distance itself from Nissan, by also developing models that are not also sold as Nissan. The brands will of course continue to share the subcutaneous technology. Meanwhile, the Infiniti G-series helped position the brand as the Japanese BMW. In 2008, Infiniti also made the switch to Europe, where it mainly managed to score with the FX series.

Infiniti, however, remains a relatively small player in the European car market, but it is doing its best to change that. The new models are increasingly able to compete with the German and Japanese premium brands that are popular here. It just seems like a (false) brand image issue that keeps them from making big sales. Since 2014, Infiniti has also been working with Mercedes-Benz, with the Q30 based on A-Class technology as the first result.

Infiniti withdraws from Europe

Despite all the effort and good quality, it was to no avail. In 2019, it was announced that Infiniti will withdraw from the European market in 2020. The brand’s focus is shifting to successful markets such as the US and Asia. Infiniti has therefore only been active in Europe for 12 years.

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