Hyundai Getz Review, History, Specs And Engine

The Hyundai Getz is a relatively young car at a very reasonable price with above average reliability. This article is about answering some customers, when choosing a car, are wondering whether to buy a new or used car.

Hyundai Getz Review Specs Price Engine Problems Reliability

Slightly Korean style doesn’t put you on your knees and when you pass this car most people won’t even notice that it’s standing there – but it has its advantages if someone doesn’t like being seen. However, whatever you will write critically about the design of this model, it must be admitted that it does not try to pretend.

Getz History

The Getz model, which represents Hyundai in segment B, gained popularity in 2002. The car is produced primarily in South Korea, but its assembly plants also operate in India, Malaysia and even Venezuela. The car is offered in many markets and therefore accepts various stamps and names. For example, in Korea and Syria it is a Click model, and in India, Getz Prime. In Japan, the toddler is available as a TB, and in Venezuela it is sold with the Dodge badge and the Bris emblem.

Three years after global production started at full speed, Korea decided to undergo rejuvenation treatments. The car is refreshed, among others, the new rounder headlights and grille, as well as new taillights. From then on, Getz models were consistently on sale until 2009, being replaced by the Hyundai i20 I tested recently. Even though the new model has arrived for good in most countries, there are still places in the world where Getz is still in production.

Getz Specs

In cars in this segment, the choice of the right engine must first of all be rational, which is why the basic gasoline engine was not used in the first place. It’s just the impression that a basic Getz engine will save fuel. If you only want to accelerate the car a little, you have to turn the engine very high, which means a lot of fuel consumption. Not very big, but still comparable to 1.3 and 1.4 l engines so it is better to choose a car with one of these engines.

Getz Engine

Petrol Engine:

  • R4 1.1 (63-66 hp)
  • R4 1.3 (82-85 hp)
  • R4 1.4 (97 hp)
  • R4 1.6 (105-106 hp)

Diesel Engine:

  • R3 1.5 CRDi (82 hp)
  • R4 1.5 CRDi (88-101 hp)

Is diesel worth considering? You can always take it into account, but with today’s diesel prices it seems a bit unprofitable. In addition, modern diesel engines with Common Rail injection, and undoubtedly belonging to the CRDi family, suffer expensive equipment breakdowns. Especially if they already have a long distance. However, they have their advantages – they are more flexible than petrol units and emit less smoke.

In a car of this size, there is almost never room for a complex suspension system or high-tech transmission. Same is the case with Getz. The front suspension features a classic MacPherson support layout and a torsion beam at the rear. You can choose between 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic. Maybe that’s not enough, but – to be honest – what else do you need in a city car? Hyundai Getz scored a good 4-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash test.

Hyundai Getz Problems & Reliability

While the Hyundai brand has not been associated with reliability so far, the Getz model is perhaps one of the most successful designs in this regard. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that reliability is known from Japanese designs. What can be broken? First of all, suspension, in Poland the defect is common. At the front, the stabilizer link and control arm silent block protrude, on the back the shock absorbers wear out quickly.

Getz owners complain of the poor quality of the paint, which is prone to even the smallest scratches and sometimes falls off. One of the drawbacks of this model is that the exhaust system is subject to rust at an alarming rate. Sometimes there is also damage to the drive unit controller. Other illnesses are usually not serious. Problems with locks, broken speedometers or a vulnerable seal on the door are typical problems of this model.


Even though the Hyundai Getz is not very popular in our market, it is worth considering buying it if you are looking for a young car at a good price, which is easy to move in crowded big cities. As well as a good price-age ratio, Getz offers decent comfort for its segment.

Unfortunately, this car also has shortcomings, namely poor interior and body finish. In addition, bad cheap replacement offers sometimes force you to buy genuine parts at authorized repair shops for the same original prices. How much does a used Getz cost? From $ 2,100 to $ 7,000 A well-maintained, purchased and serviced car can be purchased for about $ 3,800.

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