How do you change the coolant in your car?

Changing the coolant in the radiator is sometimes a must. The indicator light indicates that it is the last time to change. Ignoring a lit indicator light can cause serious damage to the driveline. See how to change the coolant.

Tips Changing the coolant

How to fill the coolant? This is not a difficult task, but many problems require special attention. Changing the coolant is a process that should be repeated regularly as it is very important to keep the vehicle in good condition.

The coolant in the car is responsible for maintaining the right temperature while the engine is running. If you ignore the signal that the fluid needs to be replaced, it can lead to failure or even replacement of the entire machine. What to do when the indicator light urges us? Check out our tips for what to do in order!

Why is coolant replacement so important?

Changing the coolant is a basic activity for every occasional driver. This affects the proper operation of the entire vehicle. Especially a hot engine when traveling long distances. Failure to change the fluid in the car leads to various malfunctions.

Cracked head gaskets or damaged blocks are the most common ailments in cars where the coolant is not replaced. The fluid loses its properties over time and needs to be replaced to keep the engine at a constant temperature.

How often should you change the coolant in the radiator?

How much to change the coolant to keep the car safe? Over time, the fluid loses its parameters and no longer protects the drive system from heat and corrosion. The cooler should be refilled every 3-5 years. Replacing the coolant in a repair shop will cost about $96 to $122 (plus the cost of purchasing fluids) . Self-replacement is limited to the purchase of fluids.

What is needed to change the coolant?

Before proceeding with changing the coolant, you will need to prepare a container for the drained liquid. It should be big enough, although a lot depends on the car. A funnel will also be useful for replacement. The cooling system has a capacity of 6 to 10 liters.

Please note that all replacements must be made while the engine is cold. If the engine is hot, it may catch fire from the old coolant. Also, if you pour cold liquid on a warm engine, the head of the power unit may be damaged.

Rinsing Engine

You can flush the cooling system when changing fluids. For this, you need the help of a rinse and distilled water. Refilling coolant is relatively easy. Remember that maintaining the cooling system is very important for a car. This has a positive effect on the operation of the entire vehicle and increases safety while driving.

Check the liquid level how much coolant should there be?

The operating fluid level can be easily checked. Manufacturers place spoons on packages that specify minimums and maximums. How much coolant should be in the tank? Refer to the vehicle manual for recommended fluid levels. You should never add liquid when the engine is hot, as this can cause serious damage to the cooling system. Only check the condition of the fluid when the engine is off and cold.

Step-by-step instructions for changing the coolant

When changing the coolant, the car should be on a flat surface so you can more easily determine the coolant level in the radiator.

How do I replace the cooler?

Here are the next steps in the initial work:

  1. Carefully check the technical condition of the cooler. If all is well, find a drain plug. If there is a slight leak, we recommend buying radiator sealant in powder or liquid form. Apply only after replacement.
  2. Start rinsing the cooling system. To do this, pour the system cleaner into the cooled radiator.
  3. Set the heating knob to maximum heating.
  4. Start the engine and let it sit for 15 minutes. Better system cleaning when the engine is hot.
  5. Turn off the engine and wait for it to cool down.

How do I drain the coolant?

How to drain fluid from radiator? Here are our tips:

  1. Find the plug of the expansion tank and radiator and open it.
  2. Locate the drain valve. The first two points should be taken into account if you have never flushed a radiator before. Otherwise, skip to the next step after cleaning the system.
  3. Pour the liquid into the container. Remember that the old liquid should not be poured out, but should be thrown away.
  4. After removing the liquid, rinse the cooling system with distilled water to remove all contamination.

How do I fill the coolant into the radiator?

How and where to fill the coolant? After rinsing with water, tighten the drain plug;

  1. You can pour fresh liquid into a prepared and clean system. You can set up the system via an expansion tank.
  2. After fluid priming, check system bleeding and fluid level. To prevent small leaks, you can add sealing fluid.

What else is there to know about coolers?

The fluid should be changed regularly and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations contained in the car’s manual. Each manufacturer has different recommendations, so keep that in mind.

Where is the coolant poured? The liquid must be poured into the cooling system, which maintains the appropriate temperature while the engine is running. You should change the coolant every few years or every few thousand miles or kilometers, depending on the vehicle.

Is it necessary to flush the radiator?

Good quality coolant, but deposits will form as it heats up and cools down. They are often located on the edges of individual elements of the cooling system. Therefore, it is a good idea to rinse the cooling system before each fluid change. Can the coolant be mixed or not? The liquids can be mixed, but it is important that they are produced using the same technology.

Repair the radiator yourself or replace it?

If the damage to the equipment is minor, you can apply liquid or powder to seal the leak. This is a preparation that will be safe for the vehicle, and also work quickly and effectively. The powder composition contains aluminum microparticles, which catch the slightest flaws in the cooling system.


Coolant is one of the most important fluids that supports the proper operation of the drive system. You should change the coolant in the radiator every few years. Why is coolant replacement so important? Thanks to regular changes, you will protect your car from errors.

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