Honda CR-X Review, History, Engine, Specs

The Honda CR-X is a Japanese sports car with small dimensions. In other markets it is also known as the Honda Civic CRX and Honda Ballade CRX. It was created as a specific response to Honda’s concerns about the crisis in the fuel market – cars with low fuel consumption.

Honda CR-X Reliability History Engine Specs Review For Sale

CR-X Exterior

Honda CR-X is a representation of middle to lower class passenger cars. It was produced in three generations in 1983-97 in both coupe and targa body types. The CR-X has front wheel drive, 2-3 doors, 2-5 seats, a manual or automatic gearbox, and a luggage compartment with a capacity of 196 liters with the seats folded up to 300 liters with the seats folded.

CR-X Specs

The four-cylinder engine (each cylinder four valves) of the Honda CR-X with a capacity of 1.4-1.6 liters has a power of 90-160 hp, which is equivalent to 66-118 kW of power. The driveline torque of the CR-X is 135-150 Nm. The maximum speed of the car is 182-210 km / h, and the CR-X takes an average of 8.2 seconds to accelerate to a hundred.

CR-X Dimensions

The dimensions of the Honda CR-X are 3755-4010 mm long, 1675-1700 mm wide, 1255-1270 mm high, and a total weight of up to 1470 kg. The fuel tank capacity of the Honda CR-X is 45 liters.

CR-X Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption of the Honda CR-X averages between 7.5-7.7 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers on a combined cycle. The most fueled is the CR-X with a 1.6-engine version with 160 horsepower – a maximum of 9.2 liters when driving in the city, and 6.1 liters on the highway. The most economical is the CR-X 1.6 engine with 125 horsepower – consuming 8.9 and 5.9 liters of gasoline, respectively, per 100 kilometers.


Honda CR-X is the gem of the automotive industry with low fuel consumption and affordable price, as well as good performance. It is considered a reliable, fast, agile and agile car on the road, ahead of the competition, which is especially noticeable when overtaking dynamically. The silhouette of the CR-X is simply stunning.

The CR-X is relatively light, so it requires driving experience, especially on wet roads. It often flips backwards at excessive speed. It is suitable for sports competitions, but not for long distances (hard suspension). We highly recommend the CR-X version with complete electronics (mirror control, sunroof, AC).


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