GM X20D1 Engine Problems And Reliability

The X20D1 gasoline engine with a volume of 1993 cm2 was produced by General Motors in Korea from 2006 to 2014. During this period, it was installed on the Chevrolet Epica V250 and Daewoo Tosca V250 mid-size sedans.

Description and main features

X20D1 is an R6 format motor. The cylinders here are made of aluminum and reinforced with cast iron sleeves. And each of them has 4 valves. And all these valves are controlled by 2 camshafts (that is, the cylinder head is of the DOHC type).

The gas distribution mechanism here is driven by two chains. In addition, this engine uses hydraulic tappets, a crankshaft with 7 main bearings, multi-point fuel injection and liquid cooling.

The maximum power of the X20D1 engine is 141-144 hp. As for fuel consumption, in urban conditions this internal combustion engine spends about 11.5 liters per 100 km.

Tuning prospects

Chipping of the X20D1 engine is carried out through the OBD II diagnostic connector (that is, without removing the control unit from its place). Therefore, the procedure does not take much time – experienced craftsmen can handle it in just an hour.

According to reports, the usual (and relatively inexpensive) Stage 1 chip tuning allows you to increase the power of this motor from 144 to 156 hp. And the torque will increase from 195 to 211 Nm. Plus, this power unit can be converted to the Euro-2 standard (in other words, turn off the elements responsible for the environment).

After such chip tuning, the driver will certainly feel changes in dynamics throughout the entire rev range. The throttle response of the car will increase, it will accelerate better and more confidently overtake.

Applicability of X20D1 engine

  • Chevrolet : Epica (2006-2014)
  • Daewoo : Tosca (2006-2013)

X20D1 engine Specifications

Volume (cm3)1993
Power (hp)141
Torque195 Nm
Timing driveChain – 2 pcs
Environmental classEuro 3/4
Fuel typeGasoline AI-92
ICE featuresVIS
Supply systemDistribution injection
hydraulic liftersYes
Cylinder blockAluminum R6
4Cylinder headaluminum 24v
Cylinder diameter75 mm
piston stroke75.2 mm
Compression ratio10.2
Phase regulatorNo
Engine oil6.4 L 5W-30
Average resource250 000 km

Disadvantages and problems of the X20D1 engine

The X20D1 engine often has problems with the cooling system. Cracks can form on the tank and pipes of this system, through which antifreeze will flow out. And this, in turn, is fraught with overheating of the power unit.

In addition, the oil pump is one of the weak points of this engine. The fact is that the oil loses its original properties over time, which is why chips form inside the pump. It starts to work worse and worse, and at some point it just jams.

And in this ICE there is not the most reliable catalyst. And its destruction is quite capable of leading to the appearance of scoring on the surfaces of the cylinders (as well as to other negative consequences).

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