GM 2.0 D-TEC U20SED Engine Problems And Reliability

The U20SED injection engine runs mainly on AI-95 gasoline and has a volume of 2 liters. The power of this in-line ICE with 4 cylinders ranges from 120-126 l / s, the torque is 177 Nm. Power type – distributed injection.

The engine is equipped with a timing belt drive, its cylinder head is made of aluminum, and the block is made of cast iron. The engine is located under the hood of some model ranges of Daewoo and Chevrolet cars.

Advantages of internal combustion engines

Despite the low prevalence of the U20SED engine within the CIS countries, it is a worthy unit from its line. The internal combustion engine has good original power combined with an acceptable consumption. Motorists evaluate the engine with this marking for a solid four.

Tuning prospects

You can increase power by tuning the intake manifold, removing the catalyst and then installing a new one from BORMAN, as well as installing a standard mixture corrector. Next, you need firmware. Installing a turbine on this motor is considered by most drivers to be an impractical and expensive option.

Applicability of U20SED engine

  • Chevrolet: Lacetti
  • Daewoo : Leganza, Nubira

U20SED Engine Specifications

Volume (cm3)1998
Power (hp)120-126
Torque171-177 Nm
Timing driveBelt
Environmental classEuro 3/4
Fuel typeGasoline AI-95
ICE featuresDOHC
Supply systemDistribution injection
hydraulic lifters
Cylinder blockCast iron R4
cylinder headaluminum 16v
Cylinder diameter
piston stroke
Compression ratio
Phase regulatorNo
Engine oil5W30
Average resource300 000 km

Disadvantages and problems of the U20SED engine

The U20SED engine will be problematic to repair such a power unit – this is the main disadvantage. Otherwise, the motor does not suffer from global problems; with regular maintenance, the resource can reach 300,000 km. Although there are still weaknesses.

The most common complaints relate to oil leaking from under the valve cover and floating rpm. The last problem is caused by contamination of the IAC or crankcase ventilation. The exhaust manifold is not the most reliable, sometimes bursts. The timing belt of the drive has a short resource within 60,000 km, and if it breaks, the valves can bend.

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