Gearbox Transmission Repair, How Much Does it Cost?

The gearbox is one of the key design elements of most motor vehicles. Responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels and changing the rotational speed. Its mechanical condition depends on the operating conditions and service care.

Gearbox Transmission Repair Cost

Gearbox repair is a time-consuming and expensive service, because in most cases it has to be dismantled. However, once the gearbox is damaged, there is no option but to repair it.

Manual Gearbox Repair Cost

In the case of manual transmissions, which are the majority of popular car models in US, it is easier to diagnose faults because they are technically less complicated than in the case of automatic machines. Despite this, mechanics do not want to determine the costs and scope of repairs in advance without first disassembling and sometimes even disassembling the box.

The most expensive component of repairs is the so-called labour. Removal (and subsequent assembly) can cost up to $ 670, if it is complicated and takes several hours. An oil change costs from several dozen to about $ 50, while a clutch replacement costs from $ 80 to $ 140, not including the prices of parts and operating fluids.

Automatic Transmission Repair Cost

The price list for the diagnosis and repair of automatic and automated transmissions looks completely different. In their case, the average cost of the website is between $ 1,330 and $4,000. The amount of costs depends on the number of faults and their scope, the box model, and the time needed to remove and reinstall.

Standard filter and oil replacement costs from several hundred dollars to over $ 550 in the case of the so-called dynamic lubricant change. Replacing the mechatronics (transmission control system) in popular models oscillates at the level of several hundred dollars. The second amount should also be paid for the adaptation or uploading of new control software.

The most expensive are mechanical defects (gears, bearings), which require replacement with new elements. It is worth remembering that after regeneration, the crates are subject to additional and precise adjustment, which completes the entire repair.

Better to replace than to repair?

When the gearbox has a serious breakdown and the repair costs are too high or the value of the service equals the price of the car (in the case of used cars), a better solution is to buy a used gearbox with a start-up guarantee. Such a purchase only makes sense when the specific type of box has no design defects. Otherwise, the new crate will also fail.

Repair of gearboxes, especially automatic ones, is very expensive, so you should take care of them so that they function as long as possible. In addition to the periodic oil change (some manufacturers do not provide for it), you should also drive skillfully – reduce gears slightly, do not change gears without declutching, avoid driving in high gears at low engine revs, do not start with full engine power, and when driving around the city with an automatic do not shift to neutral (N-neutral) or P during short stops (e.g. while waiting for the headlamps to change).


Diagnosing and repairing gearboxes requires a lot of knowledge, experience, skills and specialized tools. Boxes should be serviced in specialized workshops, which provide a warranty for the repaired or regenerated box.

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