G6EA MU Engine 2.7 V6 (Kia-Hyundai) Problems And Reliability

G6EA is a 2.7-liter engine produced by Hyundai from 2006 to 2011. It can be found under the hood of Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Magentis and a number of other Korean cars.

Description and main advantages

The G6EA engine consists of 6 cylinders arranged in a V-shaped manner. Also, this engine has an injector, a timing belt drive and an automatic valve adjustment system. Plus, the G6EA is equipped with a variable length intake tract (VIS), which is a fairly advanced technological solution for its time.

The maximum power of this internal combustion engine is from 185 to 194 hp. And despite such impressive characteristics, it is distinguished by relatively compact dimensions. In addition, it should be noted that this motor complies with Euro 3 and Euro-4 environmental standards.

If you service the G6EA engine in a timely manner, then you can drive 400,000-500,000 km on it without problems (and in fact, the mileage can be even more).

Tuning prospects

Chip-tuning of the G6EA engine is perhaps the most practical and cheapest option of all possible. Chip tuning is an adjustment of the factory firmware of the power unit. Within its framework, of course, it is possible to turn off some secondary sensors, however, it does not imply mechanical intervention in the “hardware” of the motor. In general, thanks to chip tuning, the G6EA can start to produce 15–20 hp more.

Also, properly performed chipping allows you to improve the operation of the ECU and the disappearance of some software errors (bugs) that were noticeable during engine operation before. As a result, acceleration becomes smoother (without jerks and failures), and the gas pedal becomes more responsive.

Applicability of G6EA engine

  • Hyundai : Santa Fe (2006-2010), Grandeur (2006-2011)
  • KIA : Magentis (2006-2010), Carens (2006-2010), Carnival (2007-2011), Cadenza (2010-2011), Opirus (2009-2011)

G6EA engine Specifications

Volume (cm3)2656
Power (hp)180-200
Torque240 – 260 Nm
Timing driveBelt
Environmental classEuro 3/4
Fuel typeGasoline AI-92
ICE featuresVLM and VIS
Supply systemInjector
hydraulic liftersYes
Cylinder blockAluminum V6
cylinder headaluminum 24v
Cylinder diameter86.7 mm
piston stroke75 mm
Compression ratio10-10.4
Phase regulatorInlet CVVT
Engine oil4.8 L 5W-30
Average resource300 000 km

Disadvantages and problems of the G6EA engine

This ICE is characterized by problems with swirl flaps. These dampers here can break loose from their place, which leads to their destruction and to the ingress of debris into the combustion chamber.

The G6EA engine is not immune from such a breakdown as a broken timing belt. Moreover, at the time of the break, the valves can also bend and deteriorate (due to contact with the piston).

Another significant problem is floating speed. Such a phenomenon may occur, for example, due to the fact that the throttles are clogged or because the idle speed sensor is not working properly.

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