2024 Ford F-150 Colors, Specs, Price & Release Date

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By Scott Matthew

The fact that the 2024 Ford F-150 is the best-selling car in the United States has been mentioned more than once or twice.

Of course, for the problem itself, the model is also a priority, therefore, this model receives restyling more often than others (for a second we have faced the 14th generation). But there has never been talk of global change.

2024 Ford F-150 Reviews Specs Price Interior Exterior Release Date

And everything will change in 2024. The auto industrialist will present not only a hybrid version of the pickup, which has never been seen before, but also a full-fledged autopilot.

We will discuss below how this will work.

Technical Specifications

The new Pick Up is based on a box type steel frame. The aluminum casing that is mounted on it, according to the manufacturer, is not inferior to what they did for the military.

2024 Ford F-150 Specs

The running 2024 Ford F-150 is represented by a leaf spring suspension at the rear and independent on the wishbones at the front, the brakes are disc brakes in a circle and with ventilation. The steering column is adjustable plus it has an electric power steering.

Four-wheel drive is connected via an electronically controlled “transfer case”. Entry trims only receive rear-wheel drive by default.

Separately, it is worth focusing on the transmission, made in the form of a 10-band automatic transmission, into which a 47-horsepower electric motor is sewn, powered by a 1.5 kWh battery installed under the bottom and closed with a protective casing.

Also in a pair to the “hybrid gearbox” relies a petrol 3.5-liter turbo engine with 282 hp. and V8 architecture.

Depending on the equipment, Ford offers the old line of power units in the form of V6 petrol turbo engines of 2.6 and 3.5 liters, and aspirated V6 and V8 engines of 3.3 and 5.0 liters, respectively.

And of course, it will not do without the coveted 3-liter turbodiesel, also executed in the V6 architecture.

Carrying, Towing And Feul Consumption

The maximum carrying capacity of the 2024 Ford F-150 this time will be 900 kg, while the pickup will be able to tow up to 5.4 tons. Fuel consumption is declared on average at around 12.4 liters.

Onboard Equipment

Today we will not focus on the availability of ABS , EBD , ESP , TCS systems , rain, light and tire pressure sensors. All this was present in the last and in the model of the pickup before last, but on the autopilot, which the F-150 has not received until now, it is worth dwelling in more detail.

2024 Ford F-150 Equipment

Active Drive Assist autopilot allows the driver to release their hands from the steering wheel and remove their feet from the pedals. With the help of a variety of sensors and cameras, the system will itself assess the situation, orient itself to other objects, in general, deeply analyze the situation on the road and rely on map data.

But not everything is as fabulous as we would like.

  • Firstly, the self-driving pickup will be released only in the fall of 2024, which is a year after the official start of sales.
  • Secondly, the system will work only in North America due to the peculiarities of the software.

By the way, the autopilot will also be updated “over the air”, as Tesla is doing today.

Exterior and Dimensions

In terms of appearance, no big changes were expected. The silhouette remains the same, but the design of the radiator grille and rims, the buyer can choose from 11 options.

2024 Ford F-150 Towing Capacity

Plus, the basic versions will offer halogen optics, LED, with its own unique pattern, available in more expensive trim levels.

As before, 3 types of cabins and luggage compartment volumes will be available. The wheelbase will scale accordingly.

Dimensions of a pickup with a two-row cab:

  • Length : 231.8 inch
  • Width : 79.8 inch
  • Height : 77.2 inch
  • Wheelbase : 145 inch

It is also stated that in terms of aerodynamic drag, the 14th generation F-150 will be better than its predecessor. The manufacturer has worked on improving the grille and underbody flaps.

2024 Ford F-150 Colors

This is the available 2024 Ford F-150 exterior color options, check the colors list below:

  • Race Red,
  • Kodiak Brown Metallic,
  • Stone Gray Metallic,
  • Lucid Red Pearl,
  • Smoked Quartz Metallic,
  • Velocity Blue Metallic,
  • Guard Metallic,
  • Lead Foot Gray,
  • Iconic Silver Metallic,
  • Agate Black Metallic,
  • Antimatter Blue Metallic,
  • Carbonized Gray Metallic,
  • Space White Pearl,
  • Oxford White,
  • Star White Pearl.

Interior Designs

There are also enough changes in the cabin. The general architecture of the torpedo remains the same, but due to the new 12-inch multimedia screen and the same diagonal of the virtual device, it looks in a new way. But this is far from the main innovation.

2024 Ford F-150 Interior Colors

The central tunnel deserves more attention, where the headrest transforms into a small table for the convenience of working at a laptop or signing documents.

To do this, the gearshift knob is folded and retracted into a niche, and the soft part splits, exposing the hard surface of the “coffee table”.

Regarding the advanced media system, which will be available in top-end configurations, the list of functions includes support for mobile interfaces, navigation, work with voice commands, access to online services and, by the way, also updated software via a Wi-Fi access point.

When is The Release Date?

2024 Ford F-150 start of selling new items without autopilot is expected this fall 2022. With the new system on board, pickup will appear in just one year (apparently, testing is still ongoing).

How Much it Costs?

The exact price has not yet been announced, but according to Ford, the minimum price of 2024 Ford F-150 will be around $ 27,380. The hybrid version is estimated to be at least $ 32,856.

Who are The Competitors?

In the same price segment, Fiat Fullback, Mitsubishi L200 and Isuzu D-max are already attracting a 4-seater cabin and rich multimedia equipment, and the same payload indicators.

But if we take the rich configurations, the cost of which is 25-30% higher, there is already a competitor in the face of the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado.

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