2024 Ford Escape Hybrid Colors, Specs, Price & Release Date

Ford presents an updated 2024 Ford Escape crossover. This new generation SUV is very much different from previous models in terms of exterior design, interior configuration, available equipment, and technicalities. In our review, we present photos, prices, and configurations, characteristic of the Ford Escape on the new 2024 body.

2024 Ford Escape Hybrid Colors, Specs, Price & Release Date

The fact that this SUV is more like an elevated hatchback, and from several angles, is similar to the Mazda model.

If we talk about the details, then in front of the high-end sports headlamps, a large fake radiator guard with metal mesh and sophisticated bumper with a complex structure of aerodynamic elements.

Exterior Designs

In the modernization of 2024 Ford Escape SUVs switched to the new C2 platform, which is the basis of the “fourth” focus.

Changes in architecture reduce the weight of the crossover sidewalks by 90 kg and increase the body’s torsional rigidity by 10%.

But more importantly, the Ford Escape has grown well, increased in length by 89mm (up to 4,613mm) and width of 44mm (up to 1,882mm).

Of course, the wheelbase has increased, stretching up to 2710mm (+ 20mm). Of all the overall dimensions, only the height is reduced, reduced to 1,669 mm (-20 mm).

In front there is the strongest difference with the previous generation crossover namely the car hood has elongated, the roof line feels lower, the rear pillars tilt forward.

In general, the silhouette becomes sleeker and together with the blown sidewall surfaces and perfectly shaped wheel arches, adding to the appearance of dynamism and excitement.

The developer takes care of the individualization of the design, after preparing three special versions of Titanium, ST-Line and Vignale.

Each of them carries their own notes for body decoration, for example, the ST-Line version can be identified from the black color of the exterior key elements – grille, diffuser, and roof rails.

2024 Ford Escape Colors

This is the available 2024 Ford Escape exterior color options, check the colors list below:

  • Sedona Orange
  • Dark Persian Green
  • Velocity Blue
  • Desert Gold
  • Magnetic Colors
  • Agate Black
  • Ingot Silver
  • Oxford White
  • Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat
  • Star White Metallic Tricoat

Interior Designs

Increased dimensions and wheelbase contribute to an increase in free space in both cross seat rows. Up front, the margins on the hips become 5 mm larger, in the shoulder area – 43 mm.

In the second place, the increase was 36 and 20 mm, respectively. And even above the rider’s head, despite the decrease in total height of the body, it becomes much wider.

The distance from the ceiling to the top of the passenger in the first row increased by 13 mm, the rear row – up to 35 mm.

And the rear seat is equipped with an elongated adjustment function, with which you can add stock to the legs (up to 1035 mm) or get a wider luggage compartment (saving about 67 liters).

The interior architecture of the new 2024 Ford Escape is almost the same as the last Focus. The front panel is completely identical – the multimedia system screen and button block have moved from one model to another without any modification.

In terms of instrumentation it has a 12.3-inch diagonal digital dashboard, SYNC 3 media center with 8-inch touch screen (voice control, navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interface, one Wi-Fi hotspot for ten devices), wireless charging, electric drive and front seat ventilation, rear seat heating, projection screen, 575 watt premium B&O speakers with 10 speakers.

Thanks to FordPass Connect technology, new Escape owners will be able to control the car through a mobile application.

Remote access is provided for functions such as placing the engine, checking technical parameters (fuel level, oil life), locking / unlocking the door remotely, starting the engine (for the automatic transmission version), contacting emergency services.

The most advanced electronic assistance system integrated into the Co-Pilot360 complex will also be available for crossovers. This includes:

  • Adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go
  • Automatic braking with detection of pedestrians and cyclists
  • Assistant maneuver when detecting impending dangerous obstacles
  • Reverse lateral traffic tracking
  • “Blind” area surveillance
  • Lamp with automatic switch
  • Lane still helps with the centering function on the track
  • Recognition of traffic signs
  • Sophisticated car parking that can park the car extends and is perpendicular to the road

Engine Specification

2024 Ford Escape will be available with conventional powertrain. The range of gasoline and diesel engines including engines:

  • 1.5 Ecoboost 120 ch.
  • 1.5 Ecoboost 150 ch.
  • 1.5 EcoBlue 120 hp.
  • 2.0 EcoBlue 190 hp.

Both gasoline engines are combined with a 6-speed manual transmission and front wheel drive. Diesel engines work together not only with “mechanics” but also with 8-band “automatics”.

All-wheel drive is only offered for modification with a premium 2.0 liter EcoBlue turbodiesel.

In technology, the 2024 Ford Escape has three hybrid modifications at once. This is:

  • Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid (plug-in hybrid from an electrical outlet) – equipped with a sucked 2.5 liter gasoline engine and an electric motor, with a total of 225 hp. This kit also includes a generator and lithium-ion traction battery with a capacity of 14.4 kWh. Mileage without using an internal combustion engine is 50 km, combined cycle fuel consumption is 1.2 l / 100 km, the battery is fully charged for 4 hours.
  • Ford Escape Hybrid (Full Hybrid) – installation includes the same 2.5 liter engine, electric motor and battery. Charging from the network is not provided, and the average fuel consumption does not exceed 5.6 l / 100 km. Similar hybrids will go on sale in 2024 and will be available in front wheel drive and all wheel drive versions (Ford Intelligent All-Wheel Drive).
  • Ford Escape EcoBlue Hybrid (“lightweight” hybrid) – equipped with an EcoBlue 2.0 turbodiesel with 150 hp feedback and 48-volt starter generator that performs the function of the Start / Stop system. The “soft hybrid” version of the Ford Escape consumes around 5 liters per 100 kilometers.

What is the price of 2024 Ford Escape?

The 2024 Ford Escape is available in 6 trims and will be valued slightly higher than 2022. The 2024 Ford Escape is priced between $ 25,000- $ 37,000 (estimated).

When 2024 Ford Escape Release Date?

There is no official sales date for the 2024 Ford Escape, but based on the previous release date, we expect the arrival of autumn 2023.


Charging the battery of 2024 Ford Escape Hybrid can be done on a conventional 230 volt power supply in six hours. In addition, charging can be done on a full schedule (to use non-peak hours and take advantage of lower rates).

Regarding regenerative recharging, users have four usage modes to always choose when to use the battery. These modes are EV Auto, EV Now, EV Later, and EV Charge. So, you can choose to drive with a heat engine to fully charge the battery before entering the city center, for example.

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