The Most Common BMW M43B19 Engine Problems

BMW M43B19 Engine

This brand of M43B19 engines went into production back in 1998 and until 2002 pleased its consumers and car owners with good work. The cylinder block here was made of cast iron. A high-quality injector was present as a power … .

The Most Common BMW M54B22 Engine Problems

BMW M54B22 Engine

This M54B22 engine was produced from 2001 to 2006 and managed to please many motorists. The cylinder block in it is made of aluminum. A proven injector is also used as a power system. The in-line type allows the device … .

The Most Common BMW M54B30 Engine Problems

BMW M54B30 Engine

Gasoline engine with an exact volume of 2979 cubic centimeters. Produced since 2000. The M54B30 engine has an in-line structure with 6 cylinders made of aluminum. The diameter of each is 84 mm. The M54B30 engine has 24 valves, an … .

The Most Common BMW M10B18 Engine Problems

BMW M10B18 Engine

The M10B18 engine was created by A. Von Falkenhausen. Baron, an engineer and race car driver, began to develop a power unit in 1958. The concern offered to design an installation with a volume of 1.3 liters. However, the engineer … .

The Most Common BMW M54B25 Engine Problems

BMW M54B25 Engine

This M54B25 engine was produced from 2000 to 2006. Aluminum was also used for the cylinder block. Nothing has changed here in terms of the power system and the usual injector was adopted. The row arrangement did not surprise anyone. … .