Dodge 600 Review, History, Engine Specs

The Dodge 600 is a medium-sized passenger car (classified as a large family car in Europe), which was produced by the Dodge company for 7 years, from 1982 to 1988. It replaced the Dodge 400 and was also offered under the names: Volare E By Chrysler and European Chrysler Dart.

Dodge 600 Reliability History Engine Specs Review For Sale

Exterior Design

Since the European brand sedans were successful in the market in the 1980s, the American company Dodge decided to build a 4-door body model of this type. This is how the Dodge 600 was created, the name and design of the rear body block deliberately referring to the German luxury brand Mercedes-Benz.

Another thing is the Pontiac 6000, Chevrolet Celebrity and Ford Fairmont also inspired the design of the Dodge 600. In addition, the car is similar to the Dodge Miranda which was produced until 1983.

The base version of the 600 remains the sedan forever, which is the best-selling version of the model. American companies offer it with two types of equipment. The cheapest car is available in a basic version, which doesn’t stand out with anything special, considering the realities of the US auto market in the 1980s.

However, there’s also the Dodge 600 ES (short for “Euro Sport”), which has a slightly more aggressive styling of the body, and can optionally be equipped with a more powerful engine.

In 1984, Dodge decided to add two additional body types to the 600 model: a 2-door coupe as well as a 2-door convertible. Both cars were only produced for 2 years until 1986, and unlike the Dodge 600 sedan, they were both built on K-bodies, not E-bodies.

Dodge 600 For Sales

This sedan was made by engineers working at a factory located in Detroit, the same model in the coupe and convertible variants was made in St. Petersburg. Petersburg. Louis.

It was known that the Dodge 600 would disappear from the market in 1987, when the 2-door body was not available for sale. The Dodge 600’s last year was 1988; the model in the United States was replaced by Dodge Dynasty, while in Canada it was replaced by the Dodge Spirit.

The Dodge 600’s withdrawal from the showroom was somewhat unrelated to its sales, which remained essentially steady. Only 1983 was weak, when more than 33,000 people were sold.

And 1987, when the car posted about 40,000 sales. In the remaining years, Dodge 600 was found from 55.5 to more than 61 thousand. buyers every year. Overall, sales reached 309,505 copies.

Interestingly, the Dodge 600 production wants to continue with the Chinese company Hongqi. His representatives had follow-up talks with Dodge bosses, and the Asian firm’s engineers even managed to build several prototypes with redesigned rear and modified equipment.

The car entered the Chinese market under the name Hongqi CA750F, but ultimately there was no result from this project. The Asians almost at the last minute decided to team up with Audi, as part of where they built a variant of the model 100.


The basic engine has a capacity of 2.2 liters and 4 cylinders. It was a K-type petrol power unit. As an additional option which would have cost a lot of extra money, the manufacturer is offering a Mitsubishi-produced 2.6 liter engine which also has 4-cylinder characteristics.

In addition, under the hood of the Dodge 600 you can still find a 2.5 liter K-type engine with 4 cylinders arranged longitudinally (taking into account its position in relation to the crankshaft).

This car can not only be equipped with a traditional 5 speed manual transmission, but also an automatic transmission with only 3 ratios.

Dodge 600 ES Turbo

The special version of tis car is a model called the ES Turbo. In this case, the acronym “ES” also means “Euro Sport”, while the words “Turbo” indicate a turbocharger is installed in the engine of this vehicle, which improves its performance.

The Dodge 600 ES turbo engine has a capacity of 2.2 liters and 142 horsepower. The car also features a sporty, tuned suspension, convertible body, 4-spoke steering wheel and leather seats as standard.

Production lasted from 1984 to 1986. The Dodge 600 ES Turbo costs less than $ 15,000 with the base gear.


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