Disc brakes: What to consider when buying?

When we are a complete beginner when it comes to mechanics and motorization, the replacement and purchase of disc brake can cause us a lot of problems.

Then it’s worth considering what car we drive and what our driving style is. These variables will greatly facilitate the task of selecting our brake parts.

Brake pads and discs are consumables in vehicles, and therefore need to be replaced regularly. The frequency of changing brake pads mainly depends on the way of driving and the circumstances in which we use the car.

However, it is estimated that the brake pads must be replaced after driving for about 20-25 thousand km, if the car is driving mainly on city roads (the driver must therefore brake often).

However, in situations where the car moves more often on the freeway or highway replacement should be made after driving about 45 thousand km. How often disc brakes are replaced depends on the driving style of the driver.

However, it is assumed that the replacement of the discs should be carried out approximately every 60-80 thousand kilometers. Mechanics recommend replacing discs with brake pad changes every second.

Types of Disc Brakes

There are various types of disc brakes, including:

  • Standard often installed on older car models with decent braking power and resistance to exploitation.
  • Ventilated the slots in the disc allow for better ventilation, thanks to which they reduce the temperature of the block and disc.
    Recommended for driving around the city and on the highway, where we have to brake hard.
  • Sports used as the name implies in sports cars. They are characterized by a large surface area and high braking power. Adapted for sport driving.
  • Ceramic the most advanced version of disc brakes, usually installed in sports cars. They are distinguished by excellent braking power and resistance to the most difficult conditions. Their only downside is the high price.

Our car type and application is an important factor

if our car is only used for daily driving in the city, standard disc brakes would be the best choice. On the other hand, for dynamic road driving, ventilated discs with greater braking power and better resistance to overheating are recommended. If we have higher requirements, we can also invest in sports or ceramic discs.

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