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Dacia is a former Romanian state-owned company and now belongs to Groupe Renault. The brand name Dacia refers to Daci, the area that is now Romania.

Dacia was founded in 1952 to manufacture truck parts. The production of passenger cars started in 1968: the Romanian version of the Renault 8. The following year Dacia released its version of the Renault 12 and continued to do so until 2004. The Renaults 18 and 20 were also manufactured by Dacia in small numbers. Later it also made its own models, which were still based on Renault technology.

Dacia Logo

In 1999, Renault became the full owner of Dacia. The Logan, Logan MCV, Sandero and Duster that have since appeared have brought Dacia considerable success and prestige. Then it is funny to read that Dacia enthusiasts call the logo on the nose the bottle opener.

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