How much is a clutch replacement cost?

Like every part of a car, it is subject to wear and tear and sometimes damage. However, how to recognize that a car requires a visit to a mechanic? How much does a clutch replacement cost? Find out from our article!

Clutch replacement cost

Older car models were equipped with a fairly simple clutch, therefore their replacement is quick and relatively inexpensive. However, in contrast to new cars, which are often much more complicated in construction. Nor is it easy to recognize that they are starting to break down.

However, when it happens, it is better not to wait and immediately go to the mechanic. To move your car safely, you need to know the symptoms of a worn clutch. Thanks to this, you will be able to react quickly to bothersome symptoms. Please note that it is not always necessary to replace the clutch completely. When is it possible to do without such drastic measures? Read on!

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What is a clutch and how does work?

The clutch is found in every car and works similar to the gears on a bicycle. Its job is to transfer torque from the drive shaft to the driven shaft, i.e. the motor. As a result, it provides the best relay in terms of power to energy consumed.

If you use it properly, you reduce fuel consumption and make your car greener. Even at speeds of about 37 miles / h (60 km / h), it is worth using fifth gear in most cases. Always try to keep the rev as low as possible, unless you want to accelerate sharply.

How to recognize the symptoms of a clutch malfunction in an older car?

Replacing the clutch on an older vehicle is easier to do and you can find out more quickly if needed. A car without double mass will start to jerk, and smooth driving is almost impossible. You will notice these symptoms especially when you use the clutch to change gears.

Even if you try to do it gently and slowly, the problem will be felt. You will also notice that the clutch slips due to insufficient friction due to wear. Another symptom is an increase in turnover, which does not mean more strength.

How to recognize a problem in a car with double mass?

Modern clutches are much more complex, but also run more smoothly. This paradoxically makes it harder to recognize that they are worn out. Their vibrations to a minimum. However, the symptoms of a worn clutch should be similar to the old model.

How can I be sure that the problem is really serious? If you want to see if your clutch needs replacing, go straight to the road and see how fast your car accelerates. For example, in gears 4 and 5, if you don’t feel the speed increase or the speed slows down, the clutch may be worn and needs to be replaced.

How much does it cost to replace a clutch in a car?

A clutch replacement may cost from $500 to $2,500. A lot depends on whether you have a new or old model and what the price range is. Clutches being developed today are increasingly complex mechanisms, which means the difficulty of their replacement and higher purchase costs. Here are sample prices for certain car models:

  • Audi A4 b6 1.8T – $80-$160
  • Ford Focus 1.6 16V – $50-$60
  • Porsche 924/944/928 – $150-$400

As you can see, the cost can vary. Do not forget that a lot will also depend on the price in the mechanics. If you choose to swap in an urban area, you may end up paying a lot more than in a smaller city.

What affects the price in the workshop?

Replacing a clutch is not a very complicated task, but it is difficult to keep it simple. This is tough physical work that requires quite a bit of effort from the mechanics. You will also need special equipment that allows, for example, to lift a car.

Newer cars are also often more built, which makes the whole process extremely time consuming. The mechanic should spend at least a few hours on your car, which he can spend doing minor repairs on some of the other cars. Therefore, it is not surprising that he values ​​his time quite highly.

Clutch repair is a way to save money

You don’t want to spend a fortune to replace all your accessories? Maybe in your case you just need to fix the clutch. The cost is up to 50-70% lower than replacing everything. What needs to be fixed? This involves replacing individual components, for example bearings. In the case of clutch discs, thorough cleaning is usually the most important step. So how much you pay for repairs will depend on what components of your vehicle’s system need to be replaced. Usually, however, single parts are much cheaper than the whole mechanism.

How and when to bleed a clutch?

There is hydraulic fluid in the clutch which allows it to operate smoothly. Problems arise when too much air gets into the interior. When this happens, drain the clutch bleed. How do you know it’s necessary? For example, after incorrect operation of the brakes (too hard). Bleeding is a fairly simple activity. While you can go to a mechanic with problems, there’s nothing to prevent you from acting on your own, if you have the right tools. You should start by equalizing the amount of brake fluid in the vehicle if there is too little of it.

How long should a car clutch last?

A properly installed clutch should not wear out quickly. You should be able to drive around 65,000 miles – 125,000 miles (100,000 km – 200,000 km) without a problem. You don’t have to worry about the wear and tear.

However, it is worth noting the fact that improper repair of the clutch or its incorrect assembly can significantly shorten the life of this element. So try to choose only a proven and reputable repair shop. Even if you pay a little more, a clutch replacement done right will allow you to enjoy a roadworthy car longer.


As you can see, the cost of replacing a clutch depends on many factors. However, whether you’re paying a few hundred dollars or more, don’t underestimate the symptoms of a worn clutch. This part of the car lasts a long time, but it also has an end. When you see that the problem is severely affecting your driving, decide as soon as possible to repair or replace it. After all, it’s about the safety of you and other road users.


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